Identity Resolution


Presentation Description Identity resolution is an operational intelligence process, typically powered by an identity resolution engine or middleware stack, whereby organizations can connect disparate data sources with a view to understanding possible identity matches and non-obvious relationships across multiple data silos. It analyzes all of the information relating to individuals and/or entities from multiple sources of data, and then applies likelihood and probability scoring to determine which identities are a match and what, if any, non-obvious relationships exist between those identities.


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Identity Resolution:

Identity R esolution

Identity Resolution:

I dentity Resolution Identity Resolution is an operational intelligence process. This is a softwere,which use to store the identity data .

Identity Resolution:

I dentity Resolution Identity Resolution engines are typically used to uncover Risk and Fraud. Identity Resolution apply the rules based on common sense logic. It use to Identify the hidden relationship across the data.

Identity Resolution Uses:

I dentity Resolution Uses I dentity Resolution use to store the employee records such as name, address, qualification and working status. It also used to vendor data and watch list.

Features of Identity Resolution:

Features of Identity Resolution Smart index and key-Building capabilities High performance Real time data search capability

Identity Resolution:

Identity Resolution Increase operational Efficiency and Effectiveness with Highly Accurate , Multilanguage Identity data

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