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Powerpoint highlighting accomplishments in KRCU's 20 year history


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KRCU 90.9 FM went on the air in March 1976 with 10 watts of power. Between 1976 and 1990, KRCU was a radio lab for students at Southeast and an alternative music station.

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Between 1988 – 1990, a transformation began to turn KRCU into a public radio station. Now, in 2010, KRCU is celebrating 20 years as an NPR station.

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The Beginning KRCU began broadcasting NPR’s All Things Considered at 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, November 15, 1990. ((( archival audio )))

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KRCU only operated 18 hours per day in the early 1990s.

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The schedule in 2010 features many public radio favorites. NPR’s Morning Edition A Prairie Home Companion Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me! PRI’s The World Car Talk This American Life Piano Jazz The Chicago Symphony

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20 Years in Programming 1995 Dennis SeyerBroadway Melodies Peter HirschburgThemes Familiar Barb HerbertSunday Night at the Opera

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20 Years in Programming 1996 Garrison KeillorA Prairie Home Companion Michael FeldmanWhad’Ya Know? Barney Hartline Terry WrightYour Folk Connection

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20 Years in Programming 1997 KRCU reaches a milestone, when the station moves to an operating schedule of 24 hours per day.

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20 Years in Programming Classical Mary Miller Barb HerbertAfternoon Classics Tom HarteCaffe Concerto2000 Alan JournetA Musical MeanderSince Feb. 1981

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20 Years in Programming 2006-2008 Marlin McCutchanYou Must Remember This2006 Elliot (Vader) PotterThe Elliot Potter Show2008 2008

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20 Years of Growth 1990-1994 KRCU StudiosBroadway & Henderson1990 KRCU Expansionfrom 100 to 6,000 watts1994 KRCU’s 230’ TowerBroadway & Henderson1993

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20 Years of Growth 2002-present KRCU Expansion IIfrom 6,000 to 6,500 watts2002 New StudiosSerena Building2008 KSEF 88.9 FM Sign-onFarmington, MO2006

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KRCU Studios

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KRCU Master Control

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KRCU Performance Studio

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KRCU Studio 3A

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• Southeast Missouri State University • Local businesses that underwrite our programs• the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and listeners just like YOU. KRCU is made possible by: Thank You!

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