8 Ways to Convert PowerPoint to Vdeo


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How? video PowerPoint http://www.dvd-ppt-slideshow.com/

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WHY tell you First,

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Video can be shared on Video-Sharing Sites

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can be taken by Mobile Devices

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can be played on iPad Apple TV Xbox 360

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can also be played on different OS Windows Linux iPhone OS Blackberry Windows Mobile Android Mac OS Symbian

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Amazing ? How Let me tell you, Here are 8 solutions:

Solution 1: : 

Solution 1: PowerPoint to Video Converter

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It is the easiest the most direct and the best way.

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3 steps are OK 1. Import the PowerPoint files 2. Customize output settings 3. Click “Convert” to start

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Advantages: 1. Preserve all PowerPoint original elements Transitions Animations Video Clips Sounds

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2. Batch Processing

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3. Output Various Popular Formats

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Recommended Brands: Moyea PPT to Video Converter Leawo PowerPoint to Video http://www.dvd-ppt-slideshow.com/ http://www.leawo.com/

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Here is a video example converted by Moyea PPT to Video Converter

Solution 2: : 

Solution 2: PowerPoint 2010

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Just saving your PowerPoint Presentation to a video is OK!

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Advantages: Easy to use Convenient

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Disadvantages: 1. Low Processing Speed 2. Sole Output Format: WMV 3. Bath Processing Not Supported

Solution 3: : 

Solution 3: Camtasia Studio

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Select Record PowerPoint. Open a PowerPoint presentation to record Set the recording options Click the Record button. Click the Click to begin recording button. Click Stop recording at the end. Enter a file name and location and click Save. Steps:

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Disadvantages: 1. Too many steps for a new user. 2. High Price ($299 USD)

Solution 4: : 

Solution 4: Adobe Captivate

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Steps: Click From MS PowerPoint to select a PowerPoint file. Further edit the Slides. Set output options. Start to convert.

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Disadvantages: Sole video output format: AVI

Solution 5: : 

Solution 5: Windows Movie Maker

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Steps: Save PowerPoint slides as picture files. Import the pictures to Windows Movie Maker Edit. Save as movie file.

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Disadvantages: No original PowerPoint effects like animations, transitions, video clips and sounds preserved

Solution 6: : 

Solution 6: Microsoft Photo Story

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Steps: Save PowerPoint slides as picture files. 2.Import the pictures to Microsoft Photo Story. 3.Edit. 4.Save as WMV file.

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Disadvantages: 1. No original PowerPoint effects preserved 2. Sole output video format: WMV

Solution 7: : 

Solution 7: authorSTREAM

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Steps: 1. Upload a PowerPoint file 2. Automatic conversion 3. Download MP4 video

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Disadvantages: 1.No sounds and video clips will be preserved. 2. Free conversion will be watermarked. 3. Highly depends on the wire speed.

Solution 8: : 

Solution 8: Keynote

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Export your presentation as QuickTime Movie directly

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It is Free. But only for Mac user.

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The End http://www.dvd-ppt-slideshow.com/

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