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GOOD SUPPORT Dave Venditto, M.A. Karaoke enthusiast, inventor of the slinky, and the only person to be kicked out of a library for lewd dancing


Points The points contained in your thesis correspond to specific body paragraphs in your paper. How do you pick effective points for an argumentative paper? The point should be something you can support with actual evidence—not opinion or conjecture. The point should be relevant in some way. The point should not make a claim that needs additional support. In other words, don’t make a point that could be a whole other paper, in and of itself.

Bad Points:

Bad Points Topic-arguing for priests being able to marry Topic-arguing for the legalization of marijuana Topic-arguing for the pledge of allegiance Topic-arguing against gay marriage Point-Priests should be allowed to marry because depriving a person of that pleasure is unethical. Marijuana should be legalized because it enhances perception. The pledge should be allowed because it’s an American tradition. Gay marriage would diminish the overall quality of the American family.

Good Points:

Good Points Topic-arguing for priests being able to marry Topic-arguing for the legalization of marijuana Topic-arguing for the pledge of allegiance Priests should be allowed to marry because there is nothing in the Bible that says they shouldn’t. Marijuana should be legalized because it is far less harmful than a legal drug—alcohol. The pledge should be kept in schools because the words “under God” do not specify a particular religious practice; therefore, it is not a violation of the first amendment.


Support Support should always rely on something more substantive than your own opinion. Support should be tangible—either actual facts or concrete examples. The support used should always be relevant. Do not, in other words, use quotes talking about how prevalent stem cell research is in a paper arguing for stem cell research. Yes, stem cell research occurs; however, you are specifically supposed to argue why it should continue to occur. All quotes used should be specific to this purpose.

Good Support:

Good Support Sexually transmitted diseases could be controlled more if legal brothels were made all over the country. Nevada’s counties are the only with legal brothels, therefore it has one of the lowest percentage rates of STD’s, and drug use among prostitutes in America. Making these types of brothels in the rest of the country can help bring down the number of STD’s around the U.S. In Newark, New Jersey, and New York City between 30 to 60 % of prostitutes were infected with aids, and in Washington D.C., about half of all prostitutes were found to be infected with aids. However, none of the legal prostitutes in Nevada’s counties tested positive (2). This is fantastic support, arguing in favor of legalized prostitution. It relies on certain almost indisputable facts: Prostitution has been around for a long time and will not be eliminated. Given that premise, it would make sense to make it as safe as possible. When prostitution is legalized and regulated, the aim of making it safe is clearly achieved, seen in actual statistics.

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