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Summary and Comprehension of Difficult Texts:

Summary and Comprehension of Difficult Texts David Venditto, M.A.


Sources Online sources Books Articles Interviews In many specialized journals and books, the language may be very difficult to decipher. Unfortunately, these specialized sources are usually the most reputable. Types of Sources The language employed

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Periodicals and various journals will assume an informed reader in many cases, their diction indicating that they are marketing to a specific demographic. The concept of reorganization is gaining increasing salience in numerous fields and interdisciplinary perspectives. In archaeology, in part as a result of our previous work (Hegmon et al. 1998; Nelson 1999), regional reorganization has come to mean change in how people occupied an area. We have argued that the depopulation of villages or the end of a cultural/artistic tradition should not necessarily be interpreted as a catastrophic collapse or the demise of "a people" but, rather, as a potentially adaptive change in occupational strategies (e.g., Nelson and Hegmon 2001; Nelson 1999, 2000; Nelson and Schachner 2002). A similar perspective was separately, but roughly simultaneously, being developed in an interdisciplinary approach known as "resilience theory," which conceptualizes reorganization as an important component of long-term adaptive cycles (Gunderson and Holling 2002; Holling 2001). Periodical Example

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Internet sources can be used, though students must be careful in choosing these sources. Online academic journals are fine, and many schools will sponsor various online projects. However,, many of these journals will use language geared towards other academics. The moral perfection of this character has been called in question, we think, by those who did not understand it. It is more interesting than according to rules; amiable, though not faultless. The ethical delineations of "that noble and liberal casuist" (as Shakespear has been well called) do not exhibit the drab-coloured quakerism of morality. His plays are not copied either from The Whole Duty of Man, or from The Academy of Compliments! We confess we are a little shocked at the want of refinement in those who are shocked at the want of refinement in Hamlet. The neglect of punctilious exactness in his behaviour either partakes of the "licence of the time," or else belongs to the very excess of intellectual refinement in the character, which makes the common rules of life, as well as his own purposes, sit loose upon him. He may be said to be amenable only to the tribunal of his own thoughts, and is too much taken up with the airy world of contemplation to lay as much stress as he ought on the practical consequences of things. Internet source Example

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Obviously, books may be used as sources, though students should make sure the books used are current (within the last ten years). Many academic books are written for a specific audience of scholars. Recent years have witnessed an explosion of research in the analysis of memory and amnesia. For the student of normal memory, this has meant an endless stream of experiments and theory exploring countless phenomena of memory and the appearance of several journals devoted almost exclusively to this research. Although not quite so large in comparison, the ever-increasing flow of articles concerning human amnesia that have appeared in journals such as Cortex and Neuropsychologia over the past 15 years testifies to the growing vitality of this important sector of psychological research. Books Example

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Tips for Understanding Making notes in the margins of the text is frequently useful, as you are asking questions that you can perhaps come back to, and you are also, in a way, analyzing the text. Annotate the Text Example

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Tips for Understanding Many articles will begin with a summary, which encapsulates the essential meaning of the text. Reading this first can aid in the comprehension of the more difficult portions of the article. Abstract:Focuses on the death of the character Janie Crawford in the book `Their Eyes Were Watching God' by Alice Walker. Narratives; Images of irony; Crawford's thoughts on death. Read the synopsis Example

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Tips for Understanding Each discipline uses a very specific diction, and only people within this discipline can fully understand the language used. Sometimes, reading an overview of the jargon used can help. A Glossary of Literary Criticism Alazon : A deceiving or self-deceived character in fiction, normally an object of ridicule in comedy or satire, but often the hero of a tragedy. In comedy he most frequently takes the form of a miles gloriosus or a pedant. Anagogic: Relating to literature as a total order of words. Understand the discipline Example

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