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Department of Social Services


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Department of Social Services Fresno, California:

Dulce Vela SW 180 CSU, Fresno Department of Social Services Fresno, California

DSS Overview:

DSS Overview DSS is required by law to identify children who may be abused or neglected. It provides services for diverse communities Its purpose is to ensure the safety and health of individuals and families. It also seeks to make individuals self-sufficient and stay out of trouble in work, school, and at home. DSS provides services to help children stay safe in their own homes. When they cannot be safe in their own homes, they are placed in foster care. DSS employs K-6 social workers Social workers that work in a school setting “I have the right To protection”

Services offered by DSS:

Services offered by DSS It offers a variety of different services like: Child Protective Services Adult Protective Services Foster care/ Adoption Child care Services for people with disabilities Food assistance Temporary Assistance to needy families (TANF) Disaster relief Domestic violence

County of Fresno Organizational Chart:

County of Fresno Organizational Chart Board of Supervisors Public Authority Executive Director County Administrative Officer County Counsel Elected Department Heads Department Heads Appointed by CAO Department Heads Appointed by Other Entities Assessor Recorder Auditor-Controller/Treasurer County Clerk District Attorney Public Administrator/Coroner/ Guardian Sheriff Agricultural Commissioner Librarian Child Support Services Director Behavioral Health Director Community Health Director Employment and Temporary Assistance Director Info. Technology Services Department Director Personnel Services Director Public Defender Public Works and Planning Director General Services Director Cooperative Extension –UC Probation Officer-Judicial

Social Justice Issue:

Social Justice Issue The main social justice issues the Department of Social Services addresses are the needs of children who are being neglected or abused physically, verbally, or emotionally. Children who are neglected are helped and social workers seek to provide families with programs to better their family situation. In the area of CPS, the Department of Social Services offers help to families who are part of domestic violence or who abuse their children It is very common to see children abused by their parents in Fresno, especially within families who have very limited resources and who live in a single-parent household.

Community Context:

Community Context As statistics show, the majority of the people helped are Hispanics. 49% of the population in Fresno, Ca. are Hispanic. 35% of the population are Caucasian. ALL PUBLIC ASSISTANCE RECIPIENTS BY ETHNICITY FY 2007-08 TOTAL RECIPIENTS = 337,998

Community Context:

Community Context Most of the families receiving money assistance were Hispanic in 2008 with 59%. Caucasians were only 17% and all others were smaller numbers. It is evident that Hispanics are the most helped population They are starting to be the majority in Fresno too. CalWORKs RECIPIENTS BY ETHNICITY FY 2007-08

Populations DSS Helps:

Populations DSS Helps The at risk populations whose needs the Department of Social Services addresses are Children (neglected and abused) Parents The Department of Social Services is available to any family regardless of ethnicity or cultural background, but Children who are neglected or abused in their homes, at school, or while they are in foster care are who CPS mainly focuses on. Most of the children helped in CPS are Hispanic

Mission and Vision Statements:

Mission and Vision Statements Mission: The mission of the Department of Social Services is to provide a safety-net through a variety of public assistance and employment services to adults and children, with dignity and respect, in order to improve their lives and assist them attaining self-sufficiency. Vision: To lead an integrated network of community partners that supports, protects, and strengthens children and families. The department of social services practices by the mission statement. Its priority is to help promote the well-being of families and it is evident that is it that way. Individuals are always treated with respect. Children are always asked what happens at home when he or she gets in trouble. This is a way for social workers to identify any abuse that may be happening at home.

Mission and Vision Statements (Cont.):

Mission and Vision Statements (Cont.) Children are always asked if they know what alcohol and drugs are and if they do know, they are asked how they know about them. Children are always asked what happens at home when he or she gets in trouble. This is a way for social workers to identify any abuse that may be happening at home. They are also asked about good and bad touch. At every home visit, parents are always asked for the names of their children’s doctors and dentists To make sure they are taking their children to get checked It would be neglect on the part of the parents if they do not take their children to the doctor.

Agency’s Practices:

Agency’s Practices Social workers in this agency typically run a history check on clients whenever they are investigating a referral just to have an idea on what they will be facing. this is a great form of knowing what has occurred in the family if there is any history. They also make home visits and follow a set of questions that guide the conversation. this is important, because in this way they make sure they address every question they want to ask. When involved with a family, social workers meet with every individual in the family it is important to ask everyone about their experience and what they see as a need in their family, because not everyone experiences the same situation the same way.

Agency’s Practices (cont.):

Agency’s Practices (cont . ) Every Friday, K-6 social workers meet with their supervisor to discuss any issue that is going on in the agency or to ask for help with any complicated case they may have . Every social worker has to document everything he or she does in a program CWS/CMS. they have made it very clear that whatever happens, but it is not documented, it never happened.

Significance of DSS:

Significance of DSS The Department of Social Services helps a great number of individuals and families every week. Every family who is helped by the agency develops an opportunity to better their situation and to help their family get along better and make healthier, more positive, choices. Social workers in this agency provide clients with the resources they need and they explain, educate, individuals on how to obtain the services. Most people, whom the agency helps, do not know about the services that are available for them, but with the help of the social workers they can become of all the possible resources they may benefit from. Without this agency many people would be left unattended and with no help. They would continue their life of neglect or abuse.

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