Reasons to Buy Furniture that is Made in America


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Furniture can not only make a statement about you home but also about your priorities. Buying American made furniture is one way to take pride in your home and your country.


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Reasons to Buy Furniture that is Made in America:

Reasons to Buy Furniture that is Made in America Hint: It’s about the quality

Independent Workers:

Independent Workers It’s easy to forget that the carpenters who make furniture are like everyone else and trying to make a living . When you buy American, you are supporting a family that may be just like you.

The Quality:

The Quality American made goods are known for the quality of hardworking individuals trying to make the best product they can . When you buy American furniture, you are not just paying for a run-of-the-mill piece.

The Reputation:

The Reputation America has a reputation for good work, for quality work, and for timely work. When you buy American, you are buying the reputation of more than two centuries of hard working artisans.

The Beauty:

The Beauty Furniture need not just be functional, but should say something about the artistic appreciation of the person buying it . Country style furniture is something particular to this nation, and something we do well.

The Durability:

The Durability As anyone with children can tell you, no house is completely “child proof”. By buying professionally made American quality furniture, you can be assured that your purchase will stand up to the test of teens.

The Heirloom Quality:

The Heirloom Quality Many people dream about having that piece of furniture which they can give to their children some day. When you buy American, you are not buying a disposable product designed to be replaced in a few years.

The Sturdiness:

Nobody wants to pay good money for an item that wobbles or moves too easily. Being created with the finest hard and softwoods available, you can be assured that your purchase is a solid one. The Sturdiness


Handcrafted Since the industrial revolution, handcrafted items have become a rarity. Much of the items we buy now are created in mechanized factories. When you buy American, you are not only supporting the American worker, but you’re helping to bring back the demand for handcrafted items.

The Small Footprint:

The Small Footprint Amish made furniture is made using simple hand-tools and low powered generators. Not only does this give the furniture a special quality, but its good for the environment as well . For more information visit us at .

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