Breast Augmentation with Implants VS Fat Transfer

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Breast Augmentation with Implants VS Fat Transfer Breast augmentation or enhancement technique is very famous among females nowadays. This approach enhances the physical appearance of the breasts and also improves the overall appearance of the body. Different methods are utilized in proving breast augmentation such as the implant technique or fat transfer technique to obtain the desired results. Many women are often confused to decide which treatment to opt for to enhance the appearance of their breasts. At Inform Clinics various female breast and gynecomastia surgery in Hyderabad are performed by an experienced plastic surgeon Dr. Dushyanth Kalva. In this blog learn more about breast augmentation treatment in detail. Breast augmentation with implant technique: Breast augmentation is also known as mammoplasty and this surgical method increases the breast size. This method involves placing a silicone or saline implant under the breast tissues or chest muscles to add a desired lift to the breast.

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Why is it done Breast augmentation helps: 1. To enhance the appearance of the breasts. It is the best treatment for females those who have too small breasts than normal size and help them to get a defined breast shape. 2. This method is also helpful to adjust or reduce the size of breasts that droops after pregnancy. For this breast augmentation is combined with breast lift surgery that supports an individual to achieve an ideal breast shape. 3. This treatment method will also help to correct the uneven breast sizes 4. It improves the self-confidence of women by enhancing their appearance. The procedure of breast augmentation with implants: In the first step the surgeon makes a single cut or incision at the marked area in the breast. After making the incision the surgeon separates the breast tissues from the muscles and from the connective tissue of the chest this will make a pocket in the chest wall. Then the surgeon will insert the implant into these pockets and center it behind the nipple. Dr. Dushyanth Kalva performs breast augmentation and various other surgeries at Inform Clinics and has helped many individuals to get a beautiful body shape. To know more about breast augmentation and breast lift surgery cost in Hyderabad one can consult with an expert at Inform Clinics. Types of breast implant: 1. Saline breast implant: This method uses sterile salt water-filled implants that contain silicone in the outermost shell. Some are pre-filled and some are filled during the surgery. These implants are FDA approved and provide a uniform shape firmness and often feel natural. This treatment is effective for females age 18 or older. 2. Structural saline breast implants: It also contains saline sterile water and also contains an inner structure that aims to make the implants feel more natural. 3. Silicone breast implants: In this method the implants are filled with silicone gel. The gel feels like natural breast tissue. FDA approves this implant for females age 22 or older. 4. Gummy bear breast implants: The unique feature of this implant is that they will work even when the implant shell is broken. The consistency of this silicone gel inside the implant is thicker than the traditional silicone gel implant. 5. Round breast implant: This method enables to breast to appear more fuller compared to results provided by the form-stable implants. 6. Smooth breast implant: This implant will have some palpable or visible rippling under the skin. Breast augmentation with fat: Fat transfer is the method of harvesting the excess fat from any area of the body through liposuction and then re-injecting it into the breast for adding volume to achieve a better body shape. One of the most significant advantages of this method is that in this method the patients own tissue is used and there is no need to insert any foreign material. It is the best

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option for females who are looking for a minimally invasive way to improve their breast appearance. This treatment also corrects the minor breast asymmetry which may need only a little bit of improvement. The fat transfer procedure yields long-lasting results that often appear and look natural. Cosmetic surgeries can also help men to get the desired body shape. It is often seen that enlarged breasts are a common problem among many males and this usually causes distress and discomfort among them. Enlarged breasts in males are caused by hormonal imbalance smoking weight gain steroids alcohol stress etc. To correct this gynecomastia treatment is done by Dr. Dushyanth Kalva a best plastic surgeon in Hyderabad at Inform Clinics and he has helped many males to get the desired body shape. For more information consult today. Resource: implants-vs-fat-transfer/

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