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Pigeon Decoys

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Different Types Of Pigeon Decoys To Choose From Shooting is a popular pastime throughout the UK and indeed globally, one of the few birds we, as shooters can shoot the whole year round is the wood pigeon. Wood pigeons can decimate young crops, hence they aren’t the farmers favourite bird, unless of course, they’re in a casserole. Controlling these flighty pests can be fantastic sport if you get the right field to shoot, but along with big bags can come the days where you sit for hours and don’t fire a shot. Hence the need for a good decoy pattern. If they aren’t playing the game and are dropping onto the field next to you, then you require the means to get them onto your field, ideally right in front of your hide. To do that, we need to make them think there’s something worth coming in for. This is where the pigeon decoy pattern comes into its own. There are many types of decoy on the market andif you’re new to pigeon shooting you may want to take your time to explore the different kinds of pigeon decoys before buying them. Below are just a few of the different types you will come across and descriptions

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Fold Up Decoys: Fold Up Decoys or FUDs are 2-dimensional decoys that are easy to carry along. These decoys can be folded flat, which allows the shooters to fit them easily into a pack alongside other shooting supplies. Flocked Pigeon Decoys: These are becoming the norm in the field of pigeon decoying as more and more shooters move away from the old painted, plastic decoys. Pigeons are wary birds and will turn away from you if they spot anything out of the ordinary. Shine or reflection from a damp decoywill easily deter pigeons from dropping into your pigeon decoy pattern. A flock coating consists of tiny blue/grey fibres sprayed onto a shell or full body decoy, and the decoys are given touches of green and white paint on the wings and around the neck to make them a more realistic decoy. The flock coating will not shine, even when wet or in full sunshine and decrease the chances of scaring bards away from your field.

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Flying Pigeon Decoys: The best known being “ The Terminator Decoy ” . These decoys go a step further than a normal shell or full body decoy, with the addition of high definition wings and tail. Normally attached to a bouncer or floater pole, in a breeze they twist, turn and rock to replicate, very successfully, the look of pigeons in flight. Some boast rotating or flapping wing pieces that imitate the movement of a pigeon ’ s wings. Generally flying pigeon decoys are employed in tandem with a pigeon magnet, a revolving device that spins 2 decoys on the end of 1.5m long arms to improve the visual effect even more. Many pigeon shooters will use shot birds on these magnets, but with the improvement in quality of flying pigeon decoys, more & more shooters are favoring these alternatives.

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Shell Pigeon Decoys : Shell Pigeon decoys are stackable and lighter than full body decoys making transportation a lot easier. When viewed from above they are seen as almost a full pigeon. They can be placed straight on the ground or attached to ground pegs or spring sticks. These sticks produce a small amount of movement in the decoy, adding to the effect. Generally, shell pigeon decoys avail in large multi-packs, making it cheaper for a shooter to develop any kind of decoy pattern . To purchase Pigeon Decoys , crow decoys and a many other shooting related accessories at an affordable price, contact Durham Decoys & Shooting Supplies .

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