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Importance of library presented by KALEEN KAUR :

Importance of library presented by KALEEN KAUR


WELCOME TO MY LIBRARY INSTRUCTIONS FOR ALL Please keep SILENCE . To keep Books Neat And Clean . To return the books on the time.


WHAT IS LIBRARY? Library is a collection of books from various sources and arranged in systematical order for use of users. Published books, periodicals, audio-visual material are available in all libraries. Libraries is a service organization .

Father of the Library:

Father of the Library Dr. Shiyali Ramamrita Ranganathan is the father of library. He was from Tamilnadu . He was born in 12 Aug 1892 and death in 27 Sep 1972 . He used colon classification system for arrange the books in the library.

Types of libraries:

Types of libraries

Public library:

Public library Public libraries in the real sense run by public for and of their own. Public libraries are those which provide free of cost service to the people of a particular region. It is made by people and use by people . Examples : Delhi Public Library.

Types of public library :

Types of public library

Academic library:

Academic library Academic library is those library which is available in particular institution and provide those reading material which is use in that library. It is only use for teachers and students of that institution.

Types of academic library:

Types of academic library

Special library:

Special library A special library is that where the books of a specific subject are available. It use for scientists, teachers and special person who are researching in any subject. Example: Agriculture Research Library.

Types of special library:

Types of special library




IMPORTANCE OF LIBRARY To built a nation. To help in research work. To help in personality development . To conservation of knowledge & ideas .


IMPORTANCE OF LIBRARY To help in self studies. To increase the knowledge . To get up-to-date information. Proper utilization of time . To help in basic education . To get any sub or any type of books from one place.

Principles of library :

Principles of library Books are for use. Every reader his or her book. Every book its reader. Save the time of the reader. Library is a growing organism.

attraction of Slogans :

attraction of Slogans “ Books are our friends.” “We need books for increase our knowledge.”

Conclusion :

Conclusion At the end, we can think that library is the most important in our life. It made us an educated person. We can get a lot of information from library.

Thanks to join my Library.:

Thanks to join my Library .

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