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Duraslide is an innovative Stainless Steel supplier in Singapore that offers full cycle of stainless steel products like BBQ Pit, Flag Pole, Grating, Handrail, Notice Board, Stainless Steel Bollard, Stainless Steel Gate with affordable cost and effective quality..


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Stainless Steel Products Supplier in Singapore

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Stainless steel is one of the most corrosion resistive types of steel available and is known for its product like BBQ pit flag pole grating etc. One of the main reasons why people choose to use stainless steel is because of its advantages and physical properties the most popular is its corrosion resistance although there are much more.

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A major reason that stainless steel is used is because of its sheer strength. This has been proven through its use in the building and construction industry. The aesthetic appeal which stainless steel has makes it a popular choice for many.

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Stainless steel is available in a range of surface finishes and the fact that it can also be polished makes it aesthetically pleasing to the eye. As it is an environmentally friendly material because it is 100 recyclable any new stainless steel normally contains around 50-80 recycled material.

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Stainless steel is undoubtedly a valuable material which has many uses within a whole range of industries and without it we would have to use other materials which wouldn’t be as effective.

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Stainless steel has some quite unique benefits. It is unaffected by temperature extremes and is resistant to corrosion. It is strong and easily fabricated. Stainless steel has a long life and is durable easily cleaned and maintained.

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Its surface reflects and dissipates light and brightens the environment in which it is used. There are about 150 grades of stainless steel each with different percentages of metal additives about 15 of which are most commonly used.

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Different grades have different hardness malleability anti corrosion hardness weight heat resistance formability water resistance salt resistance lustre suitability for welding metallic contamination wear resistance polish ability and stain resistance.

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Of these Grade 304 is the most versatile and most widely used stainless steel available in a wide range of products forms and finishes. Grade 316 also known as marine grade stainless steel is the second most common grade.

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It has a higher chromium content up to 26 and is used in harsh environments and where chlorides are prevalent i.e. up to 5 kms from the coast. Grade 316 is also used in food preparation and surgery situations where minimal metallic contamination is required.

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Stainless steel has been very successfully used in the following situations: cladding facades feature walls and decorative walls. Stainless steel sheeting is readily purchased off the shelf usually as 2438 x 1250 mm x .6 or 1.2 mm thickness.

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It can be easily cut to order and readily formed to shape. The cladding can also be supplied in convenient wall panels - stainless steel sheeting that is neatly wrapped around plasterboard which can be easily fixed to timber or steel frames.

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The panels come with a smartly conceived little edge fold that allows them to be spaced or fitted snug depending upon the effect desired. Like plaster board the panels can be fixed with glue. Cornices are not required.

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