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Polytech is a one of the best manufacturing company in Singapore for Industrial rubber products which are Automative keypad, Consumable keypad, setup box, security device, automative rubber components, domes and touch panel with affordable cost and effective quality..http://www.polytech.com.sg/


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Manufacturing Of Telecommunication & Electronic Components In Singapore


Polytech has 30 years of experience in the manufacturing of telecommunication components and also electronic components, the company has firmly rooted its grip in the manufacture of rubber and plastic products.


Polytech is specialized in the manufacture of wide range of products with their collection of technology and skill in the manufacture of Silicon Rubber, which is an important item used in the manufacture of buttons. Elastomer is also a rubber but it is named as Elastomer because the procedure of manufacture differs when compared to rubber.


Metal / Poly dome is an item used as a main tool in some products and also it is used as a supportive item in some products. Plastic molding is used in rubber mostly to enhance the look of the product, Spray Painting is also done in addition with plastic molding to give an attractive sprayed finish.


Polytech with their world class techniques, innovative ideas and efficiency they provide their customers with the quality and best in class products with the complete satisfaction. Keypads are classified into three types they are Industrial Keypads, Automotive Keypads and Consumable Keypads.


Rubber components are also similar to the keypads based on the usage of rubber in keypads and they are classified into two types, they are Industrial Rubber products and Consumable Rubber products. Plastic components are classified into two types, they are Set Up Box and Security Devices. Polytech also specialize in the manufacture of products other than plastic and rubber, they are Domes and Touch Panels.


The Main component used in the manufacture of Industrial Keypad / Silicone Keypad is Silicone Rubber which is used for its highlighted features like Easy matching color, economical and it achieves different shapes easily when applied on varying forces and mechanical movements.


Industrial rubber products are manufactured based on the type of industry and also based on the customer for their equipment model which may vary from other. Consumable Rubber products are also a similar product when compared to Industrial Rubber products but it is used for different applications and sectors based on the needs.


Set Up Box is a most common device used to control signals and it is a popular product used in the field of telecommunication. Security devices are invented based on the field of biometrics and security which is used for controlling the secure login and to control hacking.


To Order Find Out More Information On Set Up Box Manufacturers Please Come And Visit Us Today Onwards..! Polytech Component Pte Ltd Contact Us: 10 Ubi Crescent #04-68 Singapore 408564 Tel 1 : +65 6742 7738 Tel 2 : +65 6749 8606 Fax : +65 6749 7793 Mail : enquiry@polytech.com.sg Web : http://www.polytech.com.sg/

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