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Duraslide is a innovative Steel suppliers in Singapore that offers full cycle of stainless steel products for Glass doors, Glass Sliding Doors,Auto Door Systems, shop front glass doors with affordable cost and effective quality..


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Stainless Steel Product Manufacturers In Singapore


Duraslide was established in the year 2005 as a private limited company as specialized supplier for Stainless Steel Products. The various classifications of Stainless Steel Product manufactured by the company are BBQ Pit, Flag Pole, Grating, Notice Board, Handrail, Stainless Steel Gate and other Stainless Steel Products.


Duraslide also excels in the manufacture of Stainless Steel Products as the quality provided is above the expectations of the customers. Stainless Steel does not corrode, rust and stain when it comes in contact with water whereas usual steel does normally.


Stainless Steel has a different proportion of chromium when compared to Carbon Steel and we cannot ensure that it is completely stain proof because the poor air circulation environment, high sanity and low oxygen can change its originality and the stains can easily stuck in.


Stainless Steel gates are most commonly used in all buildings as a protective tool and also as a decorative item as the designs are most attractive nowadays. Stainless Steel gates are also manufactured with the similar type of mechanism when compared to Glass doors as the additional type.


It is an added advantage because the Stainless Steel gates are the scrolling type which is an amazing mechanism as the gates can be scrolled from one side to the other end vice-versa to open and close.


Duraslide manufactures high quality Stainless Steel products and also they fulfill the requirements of the customers, which is the reason why Duraslide have satisfied customers.


Duraslide manufactures high quality Steel products which are corrosion resistant, stain resistant and familiar lustre which makes the Stainless Steel as a useful and ideal material for several steel products. BBQ Pits use Stainless Steel which is helpful in cleaning the grease easily from the grill.


Stainless Steel gates are mostly preferred in place of normal steel gates because it restricts stains and corrosion, so the usage is increased due to its unique quality.


Duraslide Pte Ltd Contact Us: 162 Tagore Lane, Singapore -787571 Tel : +65 6841 2133 Fax : +65 6841 2177 Email - Web - To Order Find Out More Information On Stainless Steel Railing Manufacturers Please Come And Visit Us Today Onwards..!

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