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basic info on goals.


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Goal Setting

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AIMS AND OBJECTIVES At the end of each session,the participant will:- 1). Understand the importance of Goalsetting. 2). There is eight fold path where he/she ought to concentrate on. 3). It will develop your self image. 4). Understand the difference between Goal and Vision.

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what is a goal? Definition: Something one hope’s for to achieve, an aim, a target, a destination or a mission to be accomplished.

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Short Terms Goals.(which are few days or months). Long Term Goals.(For several years eg. Education, career construction of a house.) iii) Tangible Goals iv) Intangible Goals. Kinds of Goals

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1) Spiritual 2) Physical 3)Family 4) Financial 5) Social 6) Mental 7)Recreational 8) Personal Interests. Eight Fold Path of man to set Goals in ;

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A vision is the imagination that a particular thing is going to happen, is visualised by the Leader. This Leader’s vision requires commitment to act is called a Mission. Difference between Vision & mission

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Real me My wants and needs The role I play in my Family What is required of my Family? How to attain and achieve the requirement? Inspection of self image

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“ Determine what you want more than anything else in life, write down the means by which you intend to attain it, and permit nothing to deter you from pursuing it” HENRY KAISER

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Look at the basis of goal setting. How to do it? Problem areas in goal setting that need attention. Benefits of goal setting. How goal setting has helped in becoming an effective Leader? Facts considered for Goal setting to be effective

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Goals should be SMART ones S- specific, M - measurable, A- attainable, R- realistic, T- tangible. What kind of goals should man opt for?

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1) To live a purposeful life 2) Goal setting inspires high values of life 3)It is like a mirror to view our present image, to set up new strategies for a bright future. 4) To excel in personality development and in professional life 5)To gain benefit and avoid loss. Introduction

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Why goals are important in the life of man? Goals are important because:- They tone up mental and physical health. They simplify decision making process. They generate respect. They produce persistence.

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They lack self confidence and fear of setting imperfect goals. Fear of being ridiculed. Fear of failures. Being ignorant of how to set goals. Do not like to change from their comfort zone. Why people fear to set Goals?

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Rate your level between the scale 1-10 on each of the factors that play a key role in your ability to persevere. i).Self confidence and self image Do you believe in you? ii).Independence in thought and action Can you go against the crowd when you know they are wrong?

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iii). Ability to focus. Do you finish the project you start? iv). Resilience Can you bounce back quickly from disappointment? v). The supportiveness of your family. Do the people who surround you detract or add to your willingness to do what is necessary to achieve your goal?

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How to set and achieve a Goal? G O A L S E T T I N G S E S S I O N- 3

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Introduction I). How to start a new Goal? II).Make a directory of our desires in the Eight path fold of man. III).Identifying the urgency of the wants and giving priority. IV).Time is key to success in achieving goals. V). Set SMART goals.

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. Steps to achieve Goals. i). List out the desires for 5 days taking 5mins. each day. ii).Compare them on 6th day and select the best desire. iii).List out the action plan by being measurable and tangible. iv).Review them once a week rewrite if necessary.

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. Get inspired and motivated Motivation Optimistic of the goal. Reading motivational books. Break the goals into small and easy steps. Record wins and celebrate. Do not get dispirited or lack interest when you face an obstacle. Reschedule your action plan if necessary.

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. Attainable: Goals should be realistic, practical and within one’s capacity to attain them. For instance a women of 80 years cannot bear children is logic and realistic.She cannot attain a child inspite of ardent prayers, until it is the will of God. Realistic: The measures taken must be realistic. A builder cannot construct a five storyed building In 6months.His planning has to be specific in measuring his time period.

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. Tangible: The goal should be tangible,being specific In timing your plan to achieve the goal.

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