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My Final Proyect


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This Is My Final Proyect By: Luis Fuenmayor Mayo July 2008

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All About Me My first name is Luis G. My last name is Fuenmayor B. My nick name is LG. I'm 17 years old. I live in Maracaibo – Zulia – Venezuela. I born in 1990 the october 24. My facorites colors are beige, orange and brown.

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Units takes in class 7 - 12

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Unit 7: Time In this unit take class of write and pronunciation about times and cants, activities of day and weekweekend times, my daily schelude and genres of the movies and tv programs.

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Unit 8: Special Occasions In this unit Describe: Valentine Day, Christmas, Carnival, Halloween, Talk about dates: What’s the date today? Talk about the seasons of the year: winter spring summer and fall, Use prepositions in and on. Use expressions to celebrate: Happy birthday, Congratulations, Merry Christmas, Happy Mother’s Day! Use Preposition of time how long and Write about an interesting holyday.

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Unit 9: Person to Person In this unit Describe: Activities of the day. Frecuenci times (usually, often, sometimes, heardly ever, never). Answers : Who are you dating? Modern Dating

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Unit 10: Home Sweet Home Using the next vocabulary: Talking about the house parts, things have in the house and house description. See the prepositions .

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Unit 11:Clothing In this unit using the next vocabulary: Prepositiona pair of See the clothes parts and accesories.

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Unit 12: Jobs and Ambitions In this unit describe the jobs,proffesions and personaly adjetives.

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My Blog My Blog title is Dunquer Porwer and my personal sms is Loving The Free Software. My blog link is: I visited the blog class mates in sometimes. I upload in my blog photos. videos and music about my favorite singer. My blog have much content obout much things, is fun, interesting and very cool. It think I. Tag:writingmatrix, urbe, efl, intercollab, may-july2008 + other related words… In the blog I post the welcome, answer about me, my house plane, my schelude, my favorite videos, one presentation in Power Point about sale the one tool, music, notices today, mi horoscope, and others. I invited to the readers to see my small blog and coment.

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I have one comment in my blog :( I add key words: writingmatrix, urbe, efl, intercollab, may-july2008 I add the nexts widgets: oroscope and notices today. My Blog

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Tools Used Gmail: for send e-mails to the teacher and friends. GoogleTalk: for chat with the techer and friends. Blogger: for upload the activities asignement. Authorstream: for convert the Power Points (ppt) to flash. Dailymotion: for copy the links of videos. Power Point: for make the presentations. The Blogger tools: for pimp my blog. Pen Drive: for copy the materials of class, activities and information.

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