Hunting pig with your own DIY pig bait

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Hunting pig with your own DIY pig bait Hunting wild pigs is no easy feat and it takes plenty of practice and experience to ensure a safe and successful hunt. Whether you’re an inexperienced or seasoned hunter you’ll know that one of the most effective ways to hunt wild pigs is to lure them with pig bait. There are several different types of wild pig bait available to purchase in store which will do the job perfectly but if you reach in to your hunting gear bag and find that you are out of bait you can make your own Here’s what you need to make your own DIY pig bait: 1. Corn Wild pigs have a particular affection for corn and it forms a staple of their diet. Corn sours when left to soak creates a particular odour that wild pigs can recognise but which acts as an aversion to other wild animals. The best thing about corn is that it can be mixed with other food bait so a little can go a long way. 2. Sugar

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While wild pigs are not particularly picky when it comes to what they eat they are known to have a sweet tooth. For that reason when you mix your corn with something sweet such as gelatine granules or jelly granules and leave it to soak it creates sweet pig bait that wild pigs find irresistible. Place the mixture into a covered container and leave to soak in a warm place for up to 14 days to make the best wild pig bait. 3. Legalities Before you reach into your outdoor gear bag to start spreading your DIY wild pig bait make sure you check out the local laws for the area. In many areas the use of any chemicals or toxic ingredients used in wild pig bait is forbidden so if that is the case make sure that your wild pig bait is completely natural. In addition you should check with the landowner to make sure that the spreading of wild pig bait is permitted or if hunting on public lands check with the local hunting laws to make sure that baiting is also allowed. 4. Pre-baiting If you are making your own wild pig bait you should be aware of the advantages of pre-baiting. If you know that wild pigs frequent a certain area you can lay your DIY pig bait there for a number of days. This tricks the wild pigs into visiting this area more frequently in the search for the bait allowing you to make that all-important kill. Making your own wild pig bait is simple and easy and very inexpensive. There’s no excuse for not getting stuck in today For more information on outdoor gear bag hunting gear bag. Please visit :

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