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CASTLES IN ROMANIA I am 2: in search of our historical identity ... eTwinning project CTMV VULCAN ROMANIA

Pelisor Castle:

Pelisor Castle Pelisor Castle in Sinaia is located on the Prahova Valley.

Palace of Culture:

Palace of Culture This amazing building is the Palace of Culture from Iasi, Romania.

Rasnov Fortress:

Rasnov Fortress Rasnov’s impressive fortress was built in the 14th century to protect the people of Rasnov and surrounding villages from the numerous invasions.

Roznovanu Castle:

Rosetti – Roznovanu Palace is an architectural monument built in 18 century in Iasi city. Roznovanu Castle

Dauerbach Castle :

Dauerbach Castle Dauerbach Palace was built in 1913 for Georg Dauerbach , who in 1911 bought an empty property 1240 square meters big.

Peleș Castle:

Pele ș Castle Peleș Castle is a Neo-Renaissance castle in the near Sinaia , built between 1873 and 1914.

Jidvei Castle:

Jidvei Castle Jidvei wines are nurtured in Romania, within the Tarnave wine region, Alba County.

Lloyd Palace:

Lloyd Palace Lloyd Palace is a monumental venue, which was built between 1910 and 1912, according to the plans of architect Leopold Baumhorn .

Weiss Palace:

Weiss Palace Weiss Palace, which was built in 1912, is located at the beginning of Republicii Avenue.

Purgly Castle:

Purgly Castle This castle belonged to the family Purgly since 1889. It is situated in a park, and behind the castle there is a swimming pool with thermal water

Loeffler Palace:

Loeffler Palace Löffler palace from Piaţa Victoriei was built amid 1912-1913 by Leopold Löffler entrepreneur's family and firm.

Magna Palace:

Magna Palace

Poenari Castle:

Poenari Castle The castle is located on a cliff, on the West side of the Transfagarasean road in Arges County on a canyon formed on the Arges River valley.

Cantacuzino Palace:

Cantacuzino Palace Built in 1899–1902 by Cantacuzino , the architectural ensemble was designed by architect Ioan D. Berindei .

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National Museum

Szechenyi Palace:

Szechenyi Palace Szechenyi palace, found was built amid 1900-1914 by the Szechenyi society according to the plans of architect Laszlo Szekely

Sturdza Palace:

Sturdza Palace The Sturdza palace in the Miclauseni village, a palace reminiscent of the romance tales of the Middle Ages, was erected between 1880 and 1904 by Gheorghe and Maria Sturdza

Bran Castle:

Bran Castle Bran Castle ,situated near Bran and in the immediate vicinity of Brasov, is a national monument and landmark in Romania.

Foisor Castle:

Foisor Castle The royalties of Romania share a wide past that ties them to the Foisor Castle.

Lazar Castle:

Lazar Castle Lazar Castle is a castle built in a combination of styles: Romanesque, Gothic and Renaissance while.

Sturdza Castle:

Sturdza Castle On the inside, the castle benefited from Art Nouveau decorations made by Reincke

Gurghiu Castle:

In 1730, the masters of that time have built in the courtyard of the castle a small Roman-Catholic church, which served as a chapel. Gurghiu Castle

Corvinilor Castle:

Corvinilor Castle Built in the 14th century, Corvinilor Castle represents one of the most amazing.

Huniade Castle:

Huniade Castle The Huniade Castle is the oldest monument of Timisoara, built between 1443 and 1447 by John Hunyadi over the old royal castle.

Greek Catholic Diocese Palace :

Greek Catholic Diocese Palace Greek Catholic Bishopric Palace is part of the architectural monuments of Crisana Oradea.

Castle Miclauseni:

Castle Miclauseni The Sturdza castle from Miclauseni , a beautiful neo-Gothic building dating 100 years back, where you feel like in Paradise.

Palace of Culture :

Palace of Culture The Cultural Palace, built between 1911 and 1913, is a remarkable construction in the centre of Targu Mures .

Kendeffy Castle:

Kendeffy Castle was documentary mentioned in 1363, and the current building, built in Baroque style, dates from around 1782. Kendeffy Castle

Brukhental Palace:

The Brukenthal is a museum in Sibiu,Transylvania , housed in the palace of Samuel von Brukenthal Brukhental Palace

Huniazilor Castle:

Huniazilor Castle Huniazilor Castle, built in the 14th century, is located in the city of Hunedoara , in Transylvania, west central Romania.

Bánffy Rascruci Castle :

Bánffy Rascruci Castle Bánffy Castle monument situated in Bonţida a village in the vicinity of Cluj Napoca , Romania

Banffy Castle:

Banffy Castle

Cantacuzino Palace:

Cantacuzino Palace Cantacuzino Castle Mountain Resort logs, Prahova Valley is an imposing building built in the style neobrancovenesc .

Roman Camp Porolissum:

Roman Camp Porolissum It was built by Emperor Trajan strictly in order to block the passage from the Carpathian Mountains Dacia Porolissensi

Mogosoaia Palace :

Mogosoaia Palace Built in 1702 by Costantin Brancoveanu Mogosoaia Palace was the start of a new architectural style.

Ţepeş Castle:

Ţepeş Castle Tepes Castle in Bucharest, a true architectural gem.

Cotroceni Palace:

Cotroceni Palace

Vulturul Negru Palace:

Vulturul Negru Palace The emblem consists of a building with a stained black eagle - which was also named after the palace

Palace of the Parliament:

Palace of the Parliament

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Caroly Castle

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Huniad castle,Romania Romanian castle, in the Hunedoara County. The castle is a relic of the Hunyadi dynasty. In 1409, the castle was given to John Hunyadi's father, Voyk , by Sigismund, king of Hungary, as severance. The castle was restored between 1446 and 1453 by his son John Hunyadi. It was built mainly in Gothic style, but has Renaissance architectural elements

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