Albuquerque DUI Attorney Shares Insights on DUI Auto Insurance


Presentation Description Getting auto insurance after your DUI conviction could be difficult. Understand why and what you can possibly to do about it.


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DUI Auto Insurance Explained:

DUI Auto Insurance Explained Albuquerque DUI Attorney Help Guide

DUI Auto Insurance Explained:

Will likely be required to get SR-22 certificate. SR-22 proves you have auto insurance per state minimums. Proves financial responsibility . DUI Auto Insurance Explained

DUI Auto Insurance Explained:

Convicted of DUI moves drivers into “high risk” insurance pool. Higher risk = higher costs Insurance companies have right to cancel or to not renew policy. DUI Auto Insurance Explained

DUI Auto Insurance Explained:

SR-22 usually required for 3-5 years SR-22 required to remove license suspension. DUI Auto Insurance Explained

DUI Auto Insurance Explained:

Possible ways to offset insurance increase: Complete defensive driving course. Students maintain A or B average. Own vehicles with safety features (air bags, anti-theft, automatic seatbelts) Letters of reference from completed community service. DUI Auto Insurance Explained

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