Albuquerque DUI Attorney Defines Expungement and its Importance


Presentation Description Expungement could help you erase the record of your arrest from your record.


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Importance of Expungement :

Albuquerque DUI Attorney Help Guide Importance of Expungement

Importance of Expungement :

By definition, expungement is to erase strike or blot out from one’s criminal history. Expungement is very important part of the DUI/DWI process so that you can regain normalcy in your life. Expungement gives people a clean slate, leaving you with no record of your DUI/DWI. If you plead guilty to a DUI/DWI charge, a number of states will not allow a person to expunge a DUI/DWI from their criminal record. It is imperative that you do everything in your power to expunge your DUI/DWI from the criminal record once you are able to do so. Importance of Expungement

Importance of Expungement :

Most companies today are performing background checks during the application process. Also it is not uncommon for landlords to run background checks on potential renters. Many companies and landlords will frown on an applicant who has a DUI/DWI conviction on their criminal record. Importance of Expungement

Importance of Expungement :

A DWI Expungement law affords individuals a second chance. This means clean record which can allow you to have a fresh start at life. It also entitles the convicted individual to avoid public disclosure of the conviction. This can allow the guilty party to deny a conviction. Just imagine the hassle and inconvenience to your employment, academic standing or loan application if you have a DUI conviction on your record. Importance of Expungement

Importance of Expungement :

DUI Expungement laws differ in states.  Some jurisdictions might not allow courts to expunge DUI records.  If a jurisdiction allows for a DUI expungement, a person usually must initiate the process by filing a petition with the court requesting an expungement order.  The court then will determine whether the person meets the requirements contained in the expungement law.  If a person satisfies the statutory requirements, the court will enter an order granting an expungement. Importance of Expungement

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