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A Comparison: Private Attorney vs Public Defender:

Albuquerque DUI Attorney Help Guide A Comparison: Private Attorney vs Public Defender

First Decision: Self Representation:

Should be your LAST option. Do not under estimate the complexities of your case. Attorneys have highly specialized training. Understand the potential negative consequences of a botched defense. First Decision: Self Representation

Private Attorney vs. Public Defender:

Private Attorney vs. Public Defender PRIVATE ATTORNEY Are highly focused on DUI cases Try to find an attorney that devotes most or all of their practice to DUI cases Usually will not allow you to plead guilty. More motivated to get the best results possible…. Rely on business referrals: You’ll meet with a Private attorney well in advance to develop your defense strategy.

Private Attorney vs. Public Defender:

Private Attorney vs. Public Defender PUBLIC DEFENDER Are Generalists , not specialists. Relying on the court system resources to create your defense. Not getting extra funding to explore every defense strategy. May not meet your public defender until the day of your trial. Many are overworked, may just be “going through the motions”.

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