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How to Best Prepare for your DUI Defense:

Albuquerque DUI Attorney Help Guide How to Best Prepare for your DUI Defense

Preparation is Key :

DUI charges are serious. Preparation for you Defense is imperative Creating an Events Journal will help your attorney shape your defense strategy and give you the best chance to fight the charges. The following slides are suggestions on the information you should gather for your attorney while preparing your defense ... The more detail the better. Preparation is Key

Events Journal: Recent Sleep History:

What time did you go to bed the night before your arrest? How many hours did you sleep did in the last 24 hours before you arrest ? Is there any reason you could be considered “sleep deprived” etc . Events Journal: Recent Sleep History

Events Journal: What did you Eat/Drink :

Before your arrest: What did you have for: Breakfast Lunch Dinner How many alcoholic drinks did you have before your arrest? What kind of alcoholic drinks did you have? Did you drink any alcohol after your arrest? How much? Why ? Details are IMPORTANT.. Document everything. Events Journal: What did you Eat/Drink

Events Journal: Who? What? Where? When?:

Who were you with before the arrest? What were you doing before the arrest? Was anyone in your vehicle during the arrest? Were there any witnesses present during the arrest? Where were you?…exact location? What time was the arrest? Events Journal: Who? What? Where? When?

Events Journal: The Arrest:

Your Interaction with The Arresting Officer What is the badge number and name: Of the officer that made the arrest? Of the officer that conducted the field sobriety test? Of the officer that conducted any other field tests? Did you say anything to the police officer(s)? What did the police officer(s) say to you? Field Sobriety Tests Were any field sobriety, or coordination tests administered to you ? (stand-on-one leg, heel-to-toe, , finger-to-nose, divided attention, walk-the-line, recitation of the alphabet, picking up coins etc..)? Where and when were they given, and how do you believe you performed with respect to each of the tests? Did you refuse to take any of these tests?, If so, was anything told to you by the arresting officers concerning the ramifications or consequences of your refusal ? Events Journal: The Arrest

Events Journal: Rights Advisement:

Did the arresting officer advise you had the right to refuse to submit to the chemical test or tests? Were you told there were any consequences to your refusal? If so, what specifically do you recall being told about the consequences of refusal? Were you advised that you could consult with an attorney prior to submitting to the chemical test or tests? Were you advised that you could have an attorney present while you submitted to questioning, field sobriety tests, or the chemical tests? If so, what do you recall, and what happened? Events Journal: Rights Advisement

Events Journal: Road, Weather and Vehicle Conditions:

Were traffic conditions (heavy, moderate, light)? Were the weather conditions (clear, rainy, drizzle, wet, dry)? Describe the street were you driving on (width, lanes of travel, pavement type, traffic signs or signals)? What was the street smooth , rough, bumpy? What kind of vehicle were you driving: The year, model , make , license plate number, VIN serial number, condition , and color of your automobile? Are there any special features of your vehicle ? (automatic transmission, power steering, power breaks)? Does the vehicle have any mechanical defects? Did you have any trouble controlling/steering it? Events Journal: Road, Weather and Vehicle Conditions

Events Journal: Medical Conditions/Prescriptions:

Do you have any physical conditions that may cause: you to limp or to have difficulties balancing? you to slur your words or speak with difficulty? you to have difficulty breathing? If so, please explain. Were you under a doctors care at the time of your arrest? If so, what were you treating? Were you taking any prescription drugs or medication? If so, what kind of medication, the dosage, the frequency and the reason for taking the medicine. Include all medicine i.e.. nonprescription medication (cough syrups, antihistamines, aspirin or ibuprofen) or any controlled substances (cocaine, marijuana, barbiturates, amphetamines etc. ) Events Journal: Medical Conditions/Prescriptions

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For more useful advice on how to protect yourself when facing DUI charges in Albuquerque: www.duialbuquerque.com This is not Legal Advice. This document contains information only for Legal Advice, Please seek guidance from a licensed attorney

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