Honolulu DUI Attorney Gives you Tips on how to Avoid a DUI


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http://www.duihonolulu.com Here are some tips on how to avoid a DUI arrest.


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How to Avoid a DUI:

How to Avoid a DUI Honolulu DUI Attorney Help Guide

How to Avoid a DUI:

A leading cause of death in USA is auto accidents. Intoxication related accidents kill approx. 15,000 people per year. DUI arrests carry severe penalties. Avoid DUI at all costs. How can I avoid a DUI and the need for a DUI attorney?? How to Avoid a DUI

How to Avoid a DUI:

Don’t own a car Frequent bars within walking distance to your home. Entertain friends at home. Make sure guests have a sober ride home or stay the night. How to Avoid a DUI

How to Avoid a DUI:

If you do go out… Designate a Driver Designated Driver: Responsible for getting everyone home safe. No alcohol consumption. Take turns amongst friends. How to Avoid a DUI

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We hope you have found this information beneficial . For more information and advice on how to protect yourself when facing DUI charges in Honolulu: Visit: http://www.duihonolulu.com or Call: (808) 377-4103 to schedule a free consultation This is not Legal Advice. This document contains information only. For Legal Advice, please seek guidance from a licensed Attorney.

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