The Importance of a Central Vacuum System

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Volta Ducted Vacuum systems are the best suited brand, when an effective, efficient and healthy way for cleaning is required.


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The Importance of a Central Vacuum System in Homes and Business Establishments No one likes living in a dirty house this is why a central vacuum system is very important. There was a time when only business establishments such as hotels restaurants and salons installed such systems however nowadays homeowners have realised the benefits and efficiency. Furthermore the value of a house that has a central vacuum system installed increases significantly Lots of people have realized the value of a central system or ducted cleaners in the house. One of the most reliable brands in the market today is Volta Centravac Ducted vacuums that not only provides superior cleaning efficiency and capability but is also long lasting. A home with a Volta Ducted vacuum is surely clean at all times because of its 100 filtration system and no residual return. Instead of worrying about dust and bacteria being left in your home by a regular vacuum cleaner you can be assured that the Gore-Tex filter that’s self-cleaning in the Volta units expels clean air. In fact air is filtered down to just less than 1 micron. Your house doesn’t have to be brand new if you want to install a central vacuum system. In fact many homeowners with existing structures have switched to this type of cleaner after realising the number of benefits one can get from a ducted cleaner such as these and so much more: 1. Healthier atmosphere and improved air quality indoors 2. Lightweight and easy to operate User friendly 3. Silent operation

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4. High-quality Gore-Tex filter system 5. Helps prevent hay fever allergies respiratory problems and asthma A central vacuum system is not only great for the large and relatively open areas of your home or business establishment. A Volta vacuum cleaner comes with attachments that will allow you to effectively and safely clean nooks.

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