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This training course will teach you basics of the Python scripting language then move to advance step by step and will provide you with a solid foundation to writing Python scripts. Our Python certificate program provides comprehensive instruction and the tools to demonstrate proficiency in this popular language. Students will build a portfolio showcasing their skills in web development, systems development, data analysis and application development using Python. Python Training in Noida - Ducat is the Best Python training institute in Noida because it is providing the real time working trainer to all their students at reasonable cost with 100% Placement Assistance.


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CURRICULUM PYTHON Python is a general-purpose interpreted interactive object-oriented and high-level programming language. Currently Python is the most popular Language in IT. Python adopted as a language of choice for almost all the domain in IT including Web Development Cloud Computing AWS OpenStack VMware Google Cloud etc.. Infrastructure Automations Software Testing Mobile Testing Big Data and Hadoop Data Science etc. This course to set you on a journey in python by playing with data creating your own application and also testing the same. An Introduction to Python Brief History  Why Python  Where to use  Beginning Python Basics The print statement  Comments  Python Data Structures Data Types  String Operations in Python  Simple Input Output  Simple Output Formatting  Python Program Flow Indentation  The If statement and its related statement  An example with if and its related statement  The while loop  The for loop  The range statement  Break Continue  Assert  Examples for looping  Functions Modules Create your own functions  Functions Parameters  Variable Arguments  Scope of a Function  Function Documentation/Docstrings  Lambda Functions map  An Exercise with functions  Create a Module  Standard Modules  Exceptions Errors 

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Exception Handling with try  Handling Multiple Exceptions  Writing your own Exceptions  File Handling File Handling Modes  Reading Files  Writing Appending to Files  Handling File Exceptions  The with statement  Classes In Python New Style Classes  Variable Type  Static Variable in class  Creating Classes  Instance Methods  Inheritance  Polymorphism  Encapsulation  Scope and Visibility of Variables  Exception Classes Custom Exceptions  Regular Expressions Simple Character Matches  Special Characters  Character Classes  Quantifiers  The Dot Character  Greedy Matches  Grouping  Matching at Beginning or End  Match Objects  Substituting  Splitting a String  Compiling Regular Expressions  Flags  Data Structures List Comprehensions  Nested List Comprehensions  Dictionary Comprehensions  Functions  Default Parameters  Variable Arguments  Specialized Sorts  Iterators  Generators  The Functions any and all  The with Statement  Data Compression  Closer  Decorator  Writing GUIs in Python Introduction  Components and Events  An Example GUI  The root Component 

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Partners : Ph. : 0120-4345190-91-92 to 97 Mb. :09899909738 09899913475 GREATER NOIDA NOIDA A-43 A-52 Sector-16 Noida - 201301 U.P . INDIA Ph. : 0120-4646464 Mb. : 09871055180 GHAZIABAD 1 Anand Industrial Estate Near ITS College Mohan Nagar Ghaziabad U.P . Ph.: 0120-4835400...98-99 Mb. : 09810831363 / 9818106660 : 08802288258 - 59-60 GURGAON 1808/2 2nd floor old DLF Near Honda Showroom Sec.-14 Gurgaon Haryana Ph. : 0124-4219095-96-97-98 Mb. : 09873477222-333 SCO-32 1st Floor Sec.-16 Faridabad HARYANA Ph. : 0129-4150605-09 Mb. : 09811612707 FARIDABAD www .f ace teduca tion Java F 205 Neelkanth Plaza Alpha 1 commercial Belt Opposite to Alpha Metro Station Greater Noida Adding a Button  Entry Widgets  Text Widgets  Checkbuttons  Radiobuttons  Listboxes  Frames  Menus  Binding Events to Widgets  Thread In Python Thread life Cycle  Thread Definition  Thread Implementation  Network Programming Introduction A Daytime Server  Clients and Servers  The Client Program  The Server Program  Recap  An Evaluation Client and Server  The Server Portion  A Threaded Server  Python MySQL Database Access Introduction Installation  DB Connection  Creating DB Table  INSERT READUPDATE DELETE operations  COMMIT ROLLBACK operation  Handling Errors 

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