Things That Can Go Wrong With A DIY Window Cleaning

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Things That Can Go Wrong With A DIY Window Cleaning With DIY window cleaning theres plenty at stake. This ranges from the beauty and structural integrity of the window right out to your safety as you go about the task. Mistakes can result in anything from a nuisance to damages that require costly repairs. Just how bad can it get Lets look into this and more. From damaged seals to shattered glass The equipment that is used during the window cleaning process is a determinant in how things turn out. Conventional tools around the home are not necessarily safe to use on the windows. Take for instance when it comes to scraping off stubborn gunk on the glass. These are the likes of insect faecal residue that has dried onto the window the remains of stickers and posters that had been glued onto it all through to paint residue and cement splashes for those buildings where construction and renovation works had been recently carried out. Items such as razor blades and putty knives may be effective when getting rid of these substances on the countertops and floors in the building but when it comes to removing them from the windows they can result in unsightly scratches. Harsh cleaning chemicals- those that are popular for getting rid of stubborn stains in other areas of the interior space can end up etching the glass. This reduces its beauty and visibility. There are those which will react with the frames and seals. For instance acidic solutions will corrode the metal frames. When the seals are damaged the functionality of the window is compromised. In cases like where it`s double or triple-sealed windows air enters the space in between the panes. The moisture in this air condenses which results in fogging. The windows visibility is reduced and making repairs in such a scenario costs almost as much as getting a new window installed. Then there are systems like power washers. These powerful equipment are used to blast grime away from surfaces such as walls patios decks sidewalks driveways and even from the roof of the establishment. Pressurised water is splashed onto these areas dislodging the grime with ease. The DIYer may then decide to employ the same on the window. After all it`s just a matter of pointing the water to the windows and watch the dirt get washed off right This couldn`t be further from the truth. The structure of the sidewalks walls and the like allows them to be able to withstand the high pressures involved. Glass would simply not stand a chance. There is a high likelihood of shattering the windows meaning you`ll need to start budgeting for new installations as soon as possible.

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Low quality results Mistakes made during the cleaning process can also result in unsatisfactory results. For instance failure to rinse the windows well leaves behind a soapy film on the glass surface. This film is a dirt magnet trapping dust smoke and other particles floating around in the immediate environment causing it to get soiled faster. Even the speed used during the cleaning factors in. For instance on those sunny days the window dries fast. As such working slowly allows parts of the window to dry before they get a chance to be rinsed which leaves behind the streaks and smears. Using equipment like hard-bristled brushes on the other hand scratches the glass surface and issues like having hard water causes mineral deposits to be left behind when the water dries off. The spots are unsightly increasing your frustration with the results. Fall accidents When it comes to attending to the hard-to-reach windows especially on the upper floors the DIYer can opt to use a ladder. This comes with its inherent risks. Balancing as you move up and down the ladder with cleaning equipment in hand and at the same time reaching out to clean the window increases the chances of a fall. Depending on how high up you had climbed you can end up with a simple bruise sprained joint or you may fracture a bone. Thats not what you intended when you set out to get the windows clean. Avoid the risks and get quality results by dialling up our professional crew. Window Cleaners Dublin

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