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Dubai Airport clarifies new travel rules welcoming the tourism from 1st August, newly implemented rules and regulations for the upcoming tourists in Dubai


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Dubai Airport clarifies new travel rules welcoming the tourism from 1st August Reopening of UAE tourists with different airport safety measures Due to travel interruptions from few months across the globe normal flights are finally starting to resume with some implemented rules by the Dubai airport. Since August UAE residents have been permitted to travel to and from Dubai international airports but they are only allowed to travel to low or medium risk countries. Dubai airport has welcomed back the UAE tourists. From the coming 1st August there will be a new guideline in place so if you are planning on traveling to UAE after that then you can easily travel to Dubai with some safety measures and rules implemented by the Dubai international airports.

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What are the different rules and regulations implemented by Dubai airports Due to the pandemic everybody is a bit tensed from past some time people are unable to make their travel due to which everybody is now eager to go for their desired places. UAE is one of the favorite tourist attractions. People were just waiting for the rules and regulations of Dubai airports and now they have implemented and answered all the rules and regulations. These guidelines of Dubai Airports are mentioned below for your help: • PCR Testing 1. All the citizens residents tourists and transit passengers are required to obtain a negative COVID 19 certificate before arriving into DXB or DWC. 2. All passengers including the citizens residents and tourists departing from DXB or DWC to the European Union or the United Kingdom are required to carry a negative COVID19 certificate. 3. Other than these children under the age of 12 and children with moderate to severe disabilities are exempt from PCR test requirements. 4. From the time of the PCR test negative COVID19 certificates will be valid for 96 hours.

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5. Some passengers may also be required to complete another PCR test upon arrival in DXB. The new airport procedures Above are the guidelines related to the test and certification of COVID19 however other than that physical distancing will be observed in DXB airports all the time If you are departing from DXB you to know the below-mentioned points: • Only valid ticket holders will be permitted to enter the building • Passengers need to arrive at the airport not more than four hours before your scheduled flight • All the passengers are required to wear protective gloves and face masks all the time from the time of arrival to departure. • Any traveler who is displaying the symptoms of Covid-19 is urged not to come to the airport and seek medical advice. Other than these the utmost importance is being placed on ensuring the safety of airport staff and passengers. In DXB Airport they include protective plexiglass at check-in and immigration counters thermal and temperature screening would be done social distancing markers and increased levels of satisfaction. Due to the pandemic many rules and regulations are changed so that passengers do not have to face any problem. Dubai airport has taken care of all the safety measures of the passengers so that they go through an easy journey. COVID19 has gone a long way and people are really scared about the situation however even for the economy the travel is required as many business practices and study work is stopped due to this pandemic. However if you were planning to travel to Dubai before the situations now is the best time for you to travel because you will go through all the security measures which will take care of your health and you will be safe. You can easily apply for your Dubai visa and get it done in just a few steps and then travel to the UAE with ease. Reference Link:- travel-rules/

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