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Social media is the collective of online communications channels dedicated to community-based input, interaction, content-sharing and collaboration. Websites and applications dedicated to forums, microblogging, social networking, social bookmarking, social curation, and wikis are among the different types of social media. For more information, visit us online at


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Social Media

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Agenda ● What is Social Media ● Why it is important to have social media presence ● Facebook Twitter LinkedIn SnapChat Instagram ● Determining goals strategy for social media ● Tips for Building the social media ● Key to social media success ● Social Success stories ● What social media will be in 2017 ● Why hire an external marketing agency

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What is Social Media “Social media is the collective of online communications channels dedicated to community-based input interaction content-sharing and collaboration.” Websites and applications dedicated to forums microblogging social networking social bookmarking social curation and wikis are among the different types of social media. “Now instead of one- to-many it is more of many-to-many”

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Social Media In 2016

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Why it is important to have Social Media Presence Web Traffic ● Drive targeted traffic ● For boosting site’s SEO Connect and Learn from Consumers and industry leaders ● Relationship building ● Interactive communication Enhance your brand image ● Respond to problems immediately ● Build Brand Loyalty Helps in eliminating your competition Helps in sales and ROI Return on Investment ● Increased sales ● Exploring new markets

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Understanding Big Social Platforms

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Facebook “Started back in 2004 this is the biggest social networking site with the largest number of users. There are more than 1 million small or medium sized businesses advertising here and it is estimated that larger companies are spending as much as 100 million on Facebook advertising per year.”

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Facebook Monthly Users Source:

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Facebook Mobile Users Source:

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Facebook Revenue by user Geography Source:

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How People are using Facebook ● Groups ● Events ● Business Pages ● Facebook Messenger

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Strategies Tactics for success ➔ Content ● Offer great quality content and dont forget to add a little fun ➔ Post Timing ● Post when your audience is highly interactive ● Usually during lunch breaks and after dinner ➔ Moderation ● Be a proactive moderator and wipe out negativity at its earliest ➔ High timely engagement with customers ➔ Focus more on customers through community building ➔ Go an extra mile to make your customers happy

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Etiquettes Guidelines of Facebook ● Don’t Spam ● Respond ● Highlight important posts ● Messages ● Notifications ● Posting ● Scheduling ● Page favorites

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Twitter Founded in 2006 Twitters 140-character bite- size updates have transformed the worlds access to real-time information. Twitter is loved for spreading the word via tweets. This site has revolutionized social media. Approximately 81 percent of Twitter’s advertising revenue comes from mobile and there is a 200000 cost estimated for a 24-Hour Promoted Trend on Twitter

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Top 10 countries with highest Twitter Penetration Source:

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Penetration of Leading Social Networks in KSA Source:

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Some Facts about Twitter

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Strategies Tactics for success ➔ Branding Voice ● Know your strengths weaknesses first ● 140 characters to communicate thought ● Consistency ● Be cautious in choosing the right content ➔ Responsiveness ● Respond Quick ● Interact often ➔ Measurement ● Get customized frameworks dashboards for measuring your twitter data ● Align measured data with your business objectives goals

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Etiquettes Guidelines of Twitter ● Don’t Spam ● Direct Messages ● replies ● Hashtags ● Retweet ● Scheduling Updates ● Shortening links ● Twitter Lists

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Instagram Now owned by Facebook Instagram is for creating and sharing photos and short videos. With over 150 million monthly active users the network boasts an incredibly active and vibrant user base that posts over 55 million images per day. Users can subscribe to pages curated by their friends and brands they like.

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Number of Monthly Active Instagram Users in Millions Source:

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Instagram worldwide

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LinkedIn The worlds largest professional social network connects colleagues with each other and businesses with current and potential employees all while enabling community development and content sharing. LinkedIns potential lies in its power to build authority establish thought leadership and cultivate a strong network.

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No. of LinkedIn Members in Millions Source:

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LinkedIn Stats

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How People use LinkedIn • Recruitment Selection • Business Development  Maintaining business page  Product Services spotlight • Establishing Thought Leadership • Building customer advocates.

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Strategies Tactics for success ➔ Complete the personal profile ➔ Find connection and reach them out ➔ Link your work to your profile to draw hiring managers ➔ Participate in groups ➔ Share high quality content Personal Use Business Use ➔ Complete the company page and keep it up-to-date ➔ Keep posting updated relative information on your company page ➔ Make sure to respond to posts reviews questions ➔ Follow your competitor pages and keep an eye on their news and updates.

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Etiquettes Guidelines of LinkedIn ● Be genuine ● Cold Mail contact with a personalized approach ● Recommendations ● responding ● Sharing content ● Discussions

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Snapchat It is a social media network that is used to send photos videos and texts that disappear. The sender determines the length from one to 10 seconds.

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Snapchat’s Daily Active users in Millions Source:

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Snapchat’s Daily Active users in Millions Source:

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Social Media Goals Crafting Strategy

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Social Media Metrics Map

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Tips for building social media assets ● Create Strong social profiles and pages ● Share quality content ● Use friend-finding features ● Add links to your top social accounts on your website ● Add links to your top social accounts to your email signatures ● Cross promote your social accounts ● Participate in Facebook Groups communities ● Use of hashtags ● Use quality visuals and graphics

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Key to Social Media Success ● Know your business objectives ● Have a long-term vision ● Generate a road map ● Dedicate to the process of listening and responding to customers ● Plan for current and future staffing needs ● Hold off on technology decisions until your strategy is in place ● Keep scouting the competitors ● Have a great content strategy ● Don’t be afraid to spend

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Social Success Stories

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Dominos really wants to make it easy to order pizza. In a twitter campaign the company let customers request delivery of their favorite pizza by tweeting a pizza emoji to the Dominos Twitter account or by using the hashtag EasyOrder. The tweet-based order system earned Dominos media coverage from the likes of USA Today Forbes and Good Morning America. Dominos EasyOrder

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On Black Friday when seemingly every business in the world tried to sell consumers something Cards Against Humanity offered to sell absolutely nothing - for 5. The stunt received major media coverage and the company took in 71145 which it distributed to its employees. The move was talked about on Twitter Facebook and other outlets and its a good example of how companies can develop strong brand voices and delight target audiences in unpredictable ways Cards Against Humanitys Black Friday campaign

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A man living with ALS a.k.a. Lou Gehrigs disease started the "Ice Bucket Challenge" to raise awareness of the ailment. The idea quickly gained so much momentum that the ALS Association made it an official charity effort. The campaign played a large role in helping the association raise 115 million. As of August 2014 it had resulted in 1.2 million related Facebook videos and 2.2 million Twitter mentions. ALS IceBucketChallenge

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Coca-Colas “Share a Coke” campaign started in Australia and expanded to more than 50 countries before going viral in the United States. Coke replaced its logo on soda bottles and cans with the 250 most popular first names among teens and Millennials along with generic names such as "Mom." The company also invited consumers to share them with friends via social media using the hashtag ShareaCoke. The campaign netted more than 125000 posts across all social networks and saw 96 percent positive or neutral consumer sentiment Coca-Cola ShareaCoke

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What social media will be in In 2017

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The rise of Social Messaging The Fight against Fake News The rise of Authentic Content i.e. Live Video The rise of Augmented Reality

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Use of CHATBOTS Facebook uses such Artificial intelligence in its messenger Use chatbots to: ● Send and receive custom texts images and rich bubbles with Call to Actions ● Generic message templates including attractive call-to- actions postback feature with URLs etc. ● Automated greeting messages once customer arrives on your business page.

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BENEFITS of Hiring an “External Marketing Agency”

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➔ Cost/Risk: At much less than the cost of one full-time executive you get an entire team of experts ➔ Access: With the right firm you still get complete access to all of your data and insights

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➔ Time: You save on all of the time it takes finding someone or trying to learn the entire Internet marketing field yourself. ➔ Experience: Get an outside perspective on your business. Your team will benefit from the experience the marketing team brings to the table such as familiarity with your target market and the many marketing channels and opportunities available.

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What NOT to Expect from “External Marketing Agency”

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● Bringing in 1000s of traffic in a very short span of time ● A guarantee ● Doing SEO against any search engine policies ● Running Campaigns on any particular platform without knowing the actual audience and trends ● Doing Spam ● Activities and result without measurements ● Less knowledge in analytics and tracking skills ● More efforts with low costs ● Handling marketing and development efforts without a proper feedback ● Working 24/7

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