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NICAMIL K. SANCHEZ Academic Fellow/Help the Aged Fellow 2008 University Of Oxford Post Grad in Gerontology and Geriatrics European Centre of Gerontology and Geriatrics (University of Malta) United Nations International Institute of Ageing Master in Public Management/Development Academy of the Philippines UK/Phil. Registered Social Worker ORIENTATION ON GERIATRIC SOCIAL WORK Presented in the DSWD FO CAR SWIDB Forum 18 October 2008

Presented in the Help the Aged London United Kingdom Thursday 06 March 2007

Presented in the Help the Aged London United Kingdom Thursday 06 March 2007

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Geriatric Social Worker/Practitioner EDUCATION PRACTICE RESEARCH Globally Competitive Quality Care/ Programme Active Ageing RECOGNITION FRAMEWORK GERIATRIC SOCIAL WORK Older Persons Family Residential Community

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NKS SOCIAL WORK - refers to the profession which helps individuals, families, groups, and communities develop, improve, maintain or restore their capability for coping with the demands of their environment, through the use of social work methods and interventions (IRR RA 9433)

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NKS SOCIAL WORK (case work, group work and community organization) to enable individuals, groups, communities to meet their needs; assists to solve the problems of adjustment to a changing pattern of society; and through coordinated action improve economic and social conditions

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NKS SOCIAL WORK PRACTICE IN THE SECONDARY SETTING - refers to the practice of the social work profession in a multidisciplinary setting such as hospital, court, probation, law enforcement, labor, school, etc. (IRR RA 9433)

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NKS SOCIAL AGENCY Primarily concerned with organized social service activity aimed to facilitate and strengthen basic social relationships and the mutual adjustment between individuals and their social environment for the good of the individual and of society (RA 4373)

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NKS SOCIAL AGENCY refer to government agencies that generally or mainly are engaged in the provision of social welfare programs to the poor, the vulnerable and the disadvantaged individuals, families and communities utilizing either casework, groupwork and/or community organizing aimed at enhancing their social well-being such as the DSWD, municipal, city, and provincial social welfare and development offices (primary setting); (IRR RA 9433)

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SOCIAL WELFARE IN THE PHILIPPINES Assistance to Meet minimum Needs of food, Clothing & shelter Enabling services to Assure or strengthen Individual/group efforts To adjust to difficult Situation or changing environment

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Family is basic social welfare system Inherent function of family is to promote well-being of its members

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NKS GERIATRIC SOCIAL WORK Geriatric social workers are employed in a variety of settings and have a wide range of duties Often associated with community organizations, such as family service agencies or day care centers, many of which have outreach programs.

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NKS GERIATRIC SOCIAL WORK Help decide which senior citizens need home health aides, special transportation, or similar services. With the help of such services, some elderly people may be able to live in their own homes when otherwise they would need nursing home care. Trained to recognize normal and abnormal aging patterns.

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NKS GERIATRIC SOCIAL WORK Social workers help people function in their environments, deal with their relationships, and solve personal and family problems. Geriatric social work is a division of social work concerned with the welfare of the elderly. Geriatric social workers try to improve the quality of life for senior citizens and help alleviate some of the negative aspects of aging. They help senior citizens enjoy happier, more productive lives.

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NKS MOTIVATION Need more motivation? Consider these reasons for choosing a career in social work With older adults: You will challenge yourself every day. You will be a team player You will meet a real and growing need. You will lead the way You can enjoy a Rich, rewarding career You will have the chance to participate in, contribute to, and become expert in national and local issues that will define the next century

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NKS GERIATRIC SOCIAL WORK Social Worker who provide services to older adults should have respect individual differences Genuinely care about others, and possess passion, enthusiam and energy Social Work with adults is a relatively new field. As such, it still being shaped and developed by practitioners (I.e clinicians, administrators, community and organization planners, advocates, and policy makers) with fresh ideas and innovative practices. Working in the field of aging provides an unmatched opportunity to be part of this exciting process

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NKS GERIATRIC SOCIAL WORK Provide therapy for clients suffering from depression or anxiety (both common conditions among the elderly). Act as a link between their clients and the numerous confusing public and private programs designed for the aging. Help their clients apply for appropriate services. Help sort out any problems in the delivery of these services. Providing direct services can be found in many types of institutions, including retirement communities, nursing homes, hospitals, and employment programs for older adults.

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NKS GERIATRIC SOCIAL WORK Spend time assisting older people, they generally do so in context of their families Often working with family caregivers to maintain their well-being and to obtain services, such as adult day care and respite care. In some practice setting, such as health care, social workers in aging serve a mix of younger and older people. Make a difference in a variety of settings. Work with older people who are active and healthy, those who are in poor physical or mental health, those in the community and those in institutions.

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NKS GERIATRIC SOCIAL WORK Help the elderly deal with their problems and alleviate some of the pain of aging. Help a family decide whether it would be best to place the client in an institution. Help the elderly deal with their problems. Many older adults are lonely. Encourage clients to participate in group activities. Skilled in leading these activities or in arranging for others to lead. Some have a background in mental health

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NKS GERIATRIC SOCIAL WORK Geriatric social workers must enjoy working with older people and respect them. The reward of the occupation is having a strong rapport with the clients. Workers should be emotionally mature, objective, and sensitive to the needs of others. They must also be well organized and keep careful records.

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NKS GERIATRIC SOCIAL WORK Increase the number of well-trained geriatric social workers while raising the visibility of geriatric social work among policymakers and experts in other fields. Organization, Academician, Practicing Social Worker and other administrators can develop this new generation of leaders

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NKS CALL FOR ACTION Need to make sure every social worker is prepared to work with older clients Preparation is faculty who can teach gerontological social work and develop the evidence-based research needed for effective interventions. Social work education programs need to create a cadre of faculty leaders to prepare the profession for the rising demands for aging-related services.

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