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Activism Project : 

Activism Project By: DeAnna Strode

Getting Started : 

Getting Started I joined the Take Back the Night committee. I attended committee meetings, and communicated through email.

Take Back the Night : 

Take Back the Night Take Back the Night is a 5K race held to raise money for the S.A.N.E program, as well as raise awareness about violence against women and children. The S.A.N.E program is made up of nurses trained to handle rape cases, and is located at Johnson City Medical Center.

My Part : 

My Part My job was to go out and get donations of bottles of water, and I ended up getting over 400 bottles . I also helped set up and run the pre-registration booth the day of the race.

Likes and Dislikes : 

Likes and Dislikes I really liked being on a committee and watching ideas turn into actions. I also liked interacting with different businesses around town. I made new friends, and met some very interesting people. I didn’t really like waking up at 5:30am to go set up for the race. I also wish I had more time to devote. I didn’t like the weather either…it was so cold!

Stay the Same or Change? : 

Stay the Same or Change? I would definitely stay with Take Back the Night. I would also stay with being in charge of water donations. I would start collecting water earlier, so I would not be rushed at the end. I would also plan my schedule better so I could have attended more meetings.

How Was it Feminist? : 

How Was it Feminist? My project was feminist in a sense that I was helping women, and in a way that they could use to help get out of a bad situation, so they might have the ability to take control of their life.

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