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Kansas and the five themes : using Kansas as an example


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The Five Themes of Geography A Framework for Studying the World and Kansas:

The Five Themes of Geography A Framework for Studying the World and Kansas Denise Stafos

Theme 1: Location:

Theme 1: Location Where is It? Why is It There? Two Types of Location Absolute Relative

Absolute Location:

Absolute Location A specific place on the Earth’s surface Uses a grid system Latitude and longitude A global address

Kansas :

Kansas Absolute Location Kansas is located between 40° N Latitude 37° N Latitude Kansas is located between 102° W Longitude 94° W Longitude

Slide 7:

Map Legend elevation topography Kansas Topographical Map and Legend This page features a topographical map of Kansas and a legend which specifies elevations and indicates their corresponding map colors. Kansas's highest mountain is Mount Sunflower, whose peak is 4,039 feet above sea level. Kansas's lowest elevation is 679 feet above sea level, at the Verdigris River. Kansas is a prairie state, whose elevation rises gradually from the Mississippi river valley in the east to the high plains in the west. The fertile plains of eastern Kansas are quite hilly. Major rivers in Kansas include the Kansas, Arkansas, Big Blue, Republican, Solomon, and Saline .

Arrowhead’s Absolute Location 39ー 7' N / 94ー 46' W:

Arrowhead’s Absolute Location 39 ー 7' N / 94 ー 46' W http://www.worldatlas.com/aatlas/latitude_and_longitude_finder.htm 1715 North 82nd Street Kansas City, KS 66112-2099

Relative Location:

Relative Location Where a place is in relation to another place Uses directional words to describe Cardinal and intermediate directions


Kansas Kansas is bordered by Nebraska on the north , Oklaohma on the south , Missouri on the east , and Colorado on the west . The Missouri River forms the border between Kansas and Missouri Kansas is one of the Midwestern States

Theme 2: Place Physical Characteristics:

Theme 2: Place Physical Characteristics Land Features Mountains, plains, and plateaus Climate Bodies of Water

Western Kansas: Physical Characteristics:

Western Kansas: Physical Characteristics Photos above: Steve Pierce

Eastern Kansas: Physical Characteristics :

Eastern Kansas: Physical Characteristics

Theme 2: Place Human Characteristics:

Theme 2: Place Human Characteristics People Culture Language Religion Buildings and Landmarks Cities

Kansas City: Human Characteristics:

Kansas City: Human Characteristics

Theme 3: Human Environment Interaction:

Theme 3: Human Environment Interaction How People Interact With Their Environment People . . . Adapt to Their Environment Modify Their Environment Depend on Their Environment http://www.fotosearch.com/comp/corbis/DGT119/BAG0017.jpg

Kansas: Human Environment Interaction:

Kansas: Human Environment Interaction Wolf Creek Nuclear Power Plant Wyandotte County Lake: Man made

Theme 4: Movement:

Theme 4: Movement The Mobility of People Goods Ideas How Places are linked to one another and the world

Kansas: Movement:

Kansas: Movement I 435 and Lackman

Theme 5: Regions:

Theme 5: Regions What Places Have in Common Political Regions Landform Regions Agricultural Regions Cultural Regions

Kansas: Regions:

Kansas: Regions

Slide 24:

Strawberry Hill downtown Kansas City, Kansas Argentine, Kansas City Human Culture Regions

Video: 5 Themes:

Video: 5 Themes http://video.about.com/geography/Five-Themes-of-Geography.htm

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