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Cruze Farms By: Dallas Smith:

Cruze Farms By: Dallas Smith


BACKGROUND Locally owned in Knoxville TN Owners: Mr. & Mrs. Manjet and Colleen Bhatti Started in 1980 Known for: - Bottled milk - Ice Cream - Pizza - Cruze Farm Girls (Employees)


MILK Sold locally Organic and g rass Fed Never homogenized No hormones or antibiotics Milked from cows on the farm


ICE CREAM Ice cream mixture is made from the cows milk Plenty of variety to choose from Fast and friendly service Gluten free Flavors: Chocolate Peanut butter Cookies n Cream Egg Nog Gingerbread Strawberry Sugar Cookie Buckeye Candy Cane Sweet Cream Christmas morning Coffee Chocolate Mint Sweet Potato


PIZZA Everything is fresh (literally nothing is frozen) All ingredients are homemade and prepped Hand tossed or pan pizzas Fresh veggie toppings Started in February of 2018


Milk operation/Production 300-400 gallons of milk daily Milking machines upgrade = more efficient Owner delivers the milk himself JIT is being tinkered with every week Old vs. New machine graph


Shipping/Delivery Delivered locally 6 different retailers Majority of employees are trained


Facility Layout Took years to perfect Learned from mistakes Would like to rebuild but not financially feasible now Go with the flow and make the best of it


Cruze Farm (main location) Downtown Location First facility


Lean operation Have mentors who know the trade to learn from Keep advancing their education to help develop new ideas/products Learned from advanced dairy farmers, so milk wont be wasted Waste is at an all time low for Cruze


Inventory/ suppliers Small company ,so it easy to forecast inventory Weekly inventory inspections Most of the supplies require no more than 3 weeks led time Back up suppliers if a primary supplier is delayed Having options is key 13 primary suppliers


Waste Manure is becoming a waste Getting the manure on the fields is logistically a nightmare The cows create a lot of manure Not enough pasture to keep spreading it Manure is great for fertilization


Quality of the Product All products are fresh Cows are not giving any hormones our antibiotics Efficiency is a must Quality of product and customer service go hand to hand Product being average is not acceptable Always work to improve products to customer satisfaction


What Is Y our Favorite flavor O f Ice Cream

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