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Employability skills are the skills, qualities and attitudes that employers say for their workplace. When you're job seeker, you require the correct aptitudes, instruction, and experience. In any case, that is not all you require.


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Emerging Skills To Look For In Prospective Hires

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Gen Z is full of energy and talent. They have their entire world on their palm. They are overloaded with information making them much smarter than the previous generation. They don’t have the privilege to give lame excuses for work not done. And when as a recruiter you have to make a hiring decision that is going to shape the future of your organization then you need to jot down your hiring strategy and it also becomes important to put certain safeguards at the place. Gleaning from their past practices onsite staffing agency lists must-have skills/qualities in Gen Z job seekers.

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Cross – Culturalism Globalization has led to vibrant workplaces full of diversity. People of all age caste creed and colour are the occupants of the workplace leading to the requirement of hires who can and who have the ability to deal creatively and effectively with diverse group of people. A proverbial frog in the well is no longer desired at the workplace. Hires who can gel in well with different cultures and ethnicity are most desirable. Hire who doesn’t have the attitude to try to nip cross-culturalism in the bud and are just concerned with achieving the target are no more desirable at the workplace.

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Serial Learners Candidates with niche skill required for the job can be an asset to the organization. But what about five years from now The most sort after technology today is bound to become redundant tomorrow thanks to superior researches in technology. Hires who have the ability and the capability to learn new technologies at the fast pace are sure to win the game. Look for hires who are serial learners and who don’t like to stick to the same pattern. Hires who take challenges at workplaces as an opportunity to grow are the ones who really make the difference in the coming times.

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Jack of All trades The adage “Jack of all trades and master of none” is a desirable trait in a prospective hire these days. Technology is evolving at a fast pace. So hires who can keep a tap at ever-changing technology are the need of the hour. Along with the core skill the ability to adapt the latest technology and respond as per the current norms is the most desirable trait to look for in the new hires. Today we are facing complex technical problems that require complex solutions and people who have the ability to submitting to the demands of the time can definitely add value proposition to the organization. Cl d S i C i i O l i l di

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Clear and Succinct Communication Over Multiple Media Gone are the days when the channel for official communication was only e- mailed. Today with a growing network of various social media platforms it has become almost mandatory to communicate clearly as well as succinctly. Hires with an ability of clear and effective communication is most sort after. Organizations even go for workshops for effective communication over multiple media. So if a hire has a hands-on experience in efficient communication then it is surely is going to be an added advantage in his profile making him a favourable prospective candidate. Diskriter an onsite staffing agency for decades have been providing hires as per the industry demands. No matter the requirement our headhunters are well – versed in latest trends of staffing and are always well – equipped to provide organizations with hire having emerging and necessary skills. Get in touch with us and we will make sure to provide a comprehensive assistance solutions and services in staffing and recruitment.

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