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Live the Dream

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As the years went by I held that dream deep within my heart – and while I would never scale Everest there have been mountains to climb. From lowly beginnings I soon reached a lofty peak – and then kept climbing. Today what began as a one-man operation all those years ago in Pune has grown into a business empire that spans continents encompassing automobiles technology education entertainment IT and of course real estate. But I have never forgotten where it and I began – and despite all my successes I have never truly felt that I had yet scaled my own personal Everest. Until one day while travelling overseas I met a passionate young architect. Instinctively I knew that here was the man who could help translate my long-standing dream into reality. A man who could join me in that fnal ascent. Together we have created DSK Dream City – a city that will enrich the lives of the 50000 people who will come to call it home. A place that promises an unrivalled living experience and state-of-the-art amenities a healthy spiritual and culturally rich lifestyle in matchless environs. Somewhere that will cradle future champions in nearly three dozen games and sports. And help create thousands of new D. S. Kulkarnis each with their own dreams. So while I may never have got to scale Everest I do feel that with DSK Dream City I have conquered my own peak and in doing so made some small contribution to humanity to my beloved Pune and to the peace and prosperity of all India. Helping dreams thrive and prosper. Dr D S Kulkarni CMD Life is but a dream... Each of us has a dream. And I am no exception. When I was growing up in Pune I frst heard that Mount Everest had been conquered. At the time I had no real concept of what Mount Everest was – but I innately understood that through perseverance dedication and sheer hard work men had achieved a feat that had long been considered impossible. I was inspired to achieve something just as great.

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There is a dream of a better life that awaits. A life lived in concert and harmony with nature in peace and tranquility. A life full of promise for the present and for the future. A haven from the cares of the everyday where children can grow and play. A place of light and water where there is room to breathe to laugh and to live. Where nothing is ever too far away – nor too close by. Lifestyle culture sport and education – these are the four founding pillars on which Dream City rests. The elements that together create a community that is self-contained and sustainable and that foster a sense of pride and fondness for residents and visitors alike. Welcome to your dream. Welcome to Dream City. Leisure Culture Sports Education

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The Dream of Living Where wandering streams fow gently through verdant parkland. Where all is peaceful all is serene. Where life is for living with nothing in its way. A community to come home to leaving the outside world behind. Leisure Culture Sports Education

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As you pass through the Torch Gateway and drive Dream City Boulevard you leave behind the cares of the modern world but none of its conveniences. What is revealed is a living breathing environment. A community rooted in nature where families can thrive and prosper. Planned with your lifestyle and interests in mind and with no detail so small that it has been overlooked. Leisure Culture Sports Education

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The city’s canals are its arteries meandering through the landscape connecting places and people whispering a burbling soundtrack to life’s day-to-day. At the heart of the community lies its great green lung - a grand exotic botanical garden on an island oasis bursting with colour and life. Parks abound each with a story to tell - of roses and orchids of the fora of the Mogul Empire greater Asia and Arabia. Gardens for refection and contemplation for learning and understanding. For boundless play and for the simple joy of nature. Leisure Culture Sports Education

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Here and there people move effortlessly free from crowds and bustle. Walkways cycleways jogging paths trams and water taxis connect Dream City’s neighbourhoods freeing residents from the constraints of the automobile. Amenities lie within easy reach and provide all of life’s daily essentials from shopping and dining to healthcare ftness education and leisure. Leisure Culture Sports Education

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An architectural wonder the Club houses restaurants a state-of-the-art ftness centre boardroom party halls and a fully-fedged day spa and will offer residents members and their guests a variety of watersports. A gathering place for family friends and neighbours the magnifcent Marine Club commands sweeping views of the canal and lagoon. Leisure Culture Sports Education

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The Dream of Culture No life well-lived is lived in isolation. It is the people we meet who make us the people we are. The art and ideas we share the songs and the laughter . This is what completes us. Leisure Culture Sports Education

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A dancing fountain provides the centrepiece to a tranquil lagoon which is edged by a scenic promenade. A fve star hotel and serviced apartments premium offce tower and residential tower nestle unobtrusively along its banks. A shopping centre houses a cinema art galleries arts and crafts shops and boutiques. While terraced open areas and tented amphitheatres showcase folklore classical performances and gatherings. The concept of community is at the heart of Dream City and The Town Centre is its pulse. Vibrant welcoming and always alive the Town Centre is the canvas on which life here is drawn where social and cultural interaction between residents and visitors is at its most vital. Leisure Culture Sports Education

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Additionally a dedicated Convention Centre and Social Club will provide the perfect setting for conferences weddings and celebrations while also offering a choice of dining experiences in beautiful landscaped gardens. The Town Centre also encompasses the Dream City Technology Park providing a matchless environment for the world of business and commerce and enhancing the technology park’s already enviable reputation as a destination for the future IT elite. The expansive indoor arena will host sporting events an array of entertainment and cultural performances. Leisure Culture Sports Education

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Leisure Culture Sports Education

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The Dream of Sport To be the best that you can be and then be better . To reach to strive to achieve. To live in full-blooded pursuit of a healthy life body mind and soul. Leisure Culture Sports Education

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For those who dream of sporting glory - or simply of a game well played for no sake other than its own - Dream City provides a stage on which to excel. A launch pad for future champions national and international of all ages and in all sports these are world-class facilities and academies dedicated to the development of world-class athletes and future olympic champions. Sports Academies Tennis Cricket Football Shooting Table Tennis Billiards / Snooker Athletics Aquatics - Swimming / Water Polo / Diving Badminton Indoor Sports Arena with training facilities Squash Basketball Archery Indoor Cricket Mallkhamb Boxing Wrestling Judo Taekwondo Karate Volleyball Skating Gymnasium Darts Outdoor Sports Jogging Cycling Kho-Kho Kabaddi Canoeing Kayaking Rock Climbing Wall Boating Recreational Leisure Games Air Hockey Cards Carrom Chess Bowling Alley Virtual Games Leisure Culture Sports Education

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Living Culture Sport Education Leisure Culture Sports Education

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All of the sporting programmes are run by internationally renowned operators. Liverpool FC in partnership with DSK will provide endorsement and oversight of the football academy. Dream City’s goal is to promote higher standards of sporting achievement and to aid members of the community with the guidance and facilities they need to achieve their own sporting goals no matter how modest or ambitious they may be. Designed to Olympic and international standards the Dream City sporting academies provide professional coaching and development in sports including cricket football and tennis. DSK SHIVAJIANS Leisure Culture Sports Education

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The Dream of Education There is no quest more noble than the quest for knowledge. For it is in this quest that one may truly fnd oneself. Leisure Culture Sports Education

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The importance of education to any community cannot be overstated. And so Dream City caters for the academic needs of its young residents from kindergarten through to primary and secondary school and beyond. Leisure Culture Sports Education

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Dream City’s schools are operated to the highest international standards and aim to offer their pupils a head start in their academic careers. At a higher level Dream City is already home to the well-established DSK University a joint venture between Dream City’s developers and France’s internationally renowned Supinfocom College. The college offers the highest standards of creative education in the felds of industrial design video game development and animation and has won in excess of 100 international awards in recent years. Leisure Culture Sports Education

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Leisure Culture Sports Education

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Leisure Culture Sports Education The Dream Becomes Reality Dream City has been designed to coexist sympathetically with its natural surroundings exploiting the best in modern technology and human aspiration in the service of mankind.

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This is a place for living for working for learning and play. This is a place of tranquility an oasis of safety and security. This is a master-planned community without equal. This is Dream City. Leisure Culture Sports Education

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38 7 2 8 4 9 E 5 C D 6 8 12 47 47 47 D D 10 10 G H H Y K 36 40 J L M M P P P 40 14 11 48 48 48 48 12 12 F B 49 3 3 3 3 1 A 14 14 14 14 14 24 14 14 14 14 20 50 37 39 29 34 34 34 45 Q 14 U U U U U T U U U U U U U U X U U U U U U U V T T T T T T T 14 14 14 R Q R 42 S 43 17 44 H 38 X 28 31 28 28 28 28 16 28 28 W 33 32 19 21 46 28 28 41 41a 41b 41c 41d 41e 41f 25 22 41 29 34 31 31 23 26 29 26 29 29 29 29 26 26 29 31 31 31 31 29 14 12 18 18 18 18 31 31 31 31 12 42 30 I 35 N 15 O 13 45 45 50 27 50 32 32 32 Leisure Culture Sports Education Key Elements 1. The Torch Gateway to Dream City 2. Tennis Courts 3. Spectators’ Tented Pavilions 4. Dream City Drive Plaza 5. Victors’ Parade Fountain 6. Gateway to Cricket Tennis Grounds 7. Victory Plaza 8. Gate Way to Drive Plaza Gateway 9. Drive Plaza Arcade Upper Level Public Crossings 10. Football Practice Pitches 11. Football Stadium Athletics Track Field 8 Lane Running Track 12. Dream City Boulevard 13. The Dancing Fountain Lagoon 14. Water Taxi Terminal 15. The Lagoon Plaza 16. Arts Crafts Park 17. Technology Park 18. The Boardwalk Bazaar 19. Festival Plaza Children’s Park 20. Utilities 21. Kayak Canoe Dock 22. Island Retreat 23. The Exotic Botanical Gardens 24. Amphitheatre 25. Children’s Park 26. Domed Pavilion 27. Riverside Park 28. The Residents’ Promenade 29. Footbridge 30. Cricket Practice Pitches 31. High Street Retail Units 32. Dream City Public Promenade 33. Bay View Bridge 34. Boulevard Bridge 12 3 35. Photo Shoot Pavilion For Weddings Other Functions 36. Eastern Gateway To Dream City 37. Open Play Ground 38. Utility Area 39. Rock Climbing Wall 40. Landscaped Feature Wall 41. Gardens of Dream City 41.a Andalusian Garden 41.b Arabian Garden 41.c English Garden 41.d Japanese Garden 41.e Orchid Garden 41.f Rose Garden 42. School Playground 43. Car Care Centre Carwash Convenience Store 44. Helipad 45. Upper Deck Food Beverage 46. Meditation Pavilion 47. Drive Plaza Arcades with Upper Level Crossings 48. Stadium Town Hall Library and Vegetable Market - Dream City Corporation Offce 49. Cricket Ground 50. Boardwalk Main Building Components A. Tennis Stadium B. Tennis Academy C. Cricket Academy D. Knowledge Village DSK International Campus E. Gate to Bus Station Multi Level Car Park F. Aquatic Centre with Olympic Size Swimming Pool G. Football Academy Guest Residence H. Football Stadium Support Facilities I. Convention Centre / Marriage Hall / Social Club J. Fire Station K. Wellbeing Healthcare Center L. Sports Entertainment Arena M. The Lagoon Residences with Retail on Ground N. Shopping Mall Cineplex with Serviced Apartment Tower Above O. Shopping Mall With Hotel Tower Above P. IT Hub Q. Neighbourhood Centre R. School Primary Secondary Combined S. Premium Housing with Neighbourhood Centre T. Premium Housing Start-Up Parcel U. Premium Housing V. Studio Compact Apartments W. Marine Club X. Waterfront Townhouses Y. Police Station Post Offce

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Leisure Culture Sports Education

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Opportunities for Masterplanning of new towns do not arise very often but when they do Architects and Planners should be up to the challenge for such a God gifted opportunity to distill their creativity and intellect to produce living environments that are worthy of the dignity of mankind and its aspiration for a better quality life. Master planning and designing Dream City in Pune has been one of the most inspiring and rewarding experiences of my career an opportunity afforded by Mr. D.S. Kulkarni Chairman of M/s. DS Kulkarni Developers who placed his trust in me and my international track record having designed and delivered a number of iconic developments both in UAE and the Gulf Region. It is this man’s relentless pursuit of excellence and uncompromising drive to serve his fellow countrymen in India that earned my respect and admiration. My passion to work in harmony with human needs aspirations and pursuit of a better life energised and persuaded me to share my vision for this dream with Mr. Kulkarni his wife and his dedicated team and hence we called this project Dream City. I planned Dream City to offer the city of Pune a unique destination for an integrated way of life for all age groups to work play learn and live in a safe dynamic and stimulating environment with an array of lifestyles that push the boundaries of the norm in an energised and sustainable way a city that boasts the latest trends technologies and offerings of modern life all co-existing in harmony. I sincerely hope that this new responsible vision for Dream City will not only aim to respond to the aspirations of the residents of Pune for a better life but also set a trend for further future creative developments in the Indian Continent worthy of the human effort to build it and the dream. I am a true believer that rewards in life are a byproduct of the relentless pursuit of excellence and that promises of a better tomorrow are only for those who aim high and dare to dream. Master Planner Urban Designer Architect SAMIR DAOUD B.Sc.Arch Dip.Urb.Des AADip.Plan. Leisure Culture Sports Education

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Having entered his rather modest offce for a man who heads a billion dollar Group the frst thing Dr DS Kulkarni the Chairman and Managing Director does is to bow his head before the picture of Goddess Saptshringi. The entire offce set up has been deliberately kept simple for the clientele which has been entrusting their unstinted faith in the products of the Group belongs to that rather modest stratum of society. He began his life on 28 June 1950 in Kasba Peth part of the walled city of Pune and showed his penchant for business acumen rather early which later was to get into such diverse disciplines as real estate development automobiles education and now entertainment. He was born with a mind of his own and strong passion to succeed traits that were to come to fore in full glow in later years. His deep sense of purpose self-abnegation and undeterred discipline were amply visible when he took to selling vegetables to thronging buyers. And that character is fully on display even to this day. “Telesmell” a small venture started in 1970 which runs effectively to this day was another socially fragrant effort where-in he and Ms Hemanti Phadke then an ordinary working hand toiling over twelve hours a day for a measly thirty rupees a month and now Mrs Hemanti Kulkarni his wife and the mighty President of the Group would bicycle their day cleaning telephone sets and applying a scented gauge in each one of them. DSK got into business of buildings undertaking carpentry painting and repair works for houses. This made him an expert in matters engineering and endeared DSK to the customers he connected with thus laying foundation in his young psyche that the customer was God. In the early eighties DSK assembled his team ably assisted by Mrs Hemanti Kulkarni who took charge of fnances and human resources and thus began an era which has no parallels in terms of truthfulness and dedication. He catered to lower middle strata of the society for he understood their pain and Leisure Culture Sports Education blisses and has created well over 35000 homes for them including the most fourishing township DSK Vishwa with over 6000 dwellings taking his rightful place in the famed Guinness book of World Records for selling over 1000 units in just seven days. Breaking barriers of minds he built one of the most beautiful buildings in Mumbai that earned the Group the prestigious award from CNBC in the year 2008. Cities of Chennai Bengaluru Nasik and Coimbatore saw excellent developments from the DSK stable. New Jersey USA was the next stop. He aims to build a 150 storeyed skyscraper in Manhattan. DSK ventured into high-tech felds of computers and Information Technology education automobiles travel and tourism entertainment and hospitality. On one hand a famous Hollywood producer has partnered with the DSK group to produce a successfully running teleserial CCIV France on the other have joined with him in creating perhaps the fnest institution in the vocational felds of Industrial designing computer gaming and Animation. With well over six dozen national and international awards it tow the DSK International Campus has undoubtedly developed into the best facility in the world. List of his successes has continued even in the feld of automobiles where-in DSK Toyota headed by his New Zealand educated son Shirish has bagged numerous international awards for highest quality service. DSK always exults in working hard and with passion and has osmotically pervaded that spirit into every one of over 8000 individuals working in the Group. Small wonder then that he has been conferred with the Degree of a Doctor of Science by a well known Medical University. A self-made man for him it does not matter who you are till such time you are ready to give your best. He is helping Milkmen get their dues in the Country with a new invention a Robot. And with Solar powered Laptop he helps poor farmers operate their bank accounts in the remote areas. That spirit has now led him to offer an unmatched nearly 300 acres project DSK DreamCity at Pune unlike any seen by humans anywhere. DSK is a simple man with such humane qualities that he has instructed his drivers that they will not sound the horn of the car which he travels in lest the people in front of his vehicle feel disturbed. Always leading from front in his personal conduct every visitor is seen off by him personally out of his modest offce. One would fnd same shades of character even in his family members who treat everyone with respect and equality. With such deep values and strong fair character success in whatever they do indeed whatever the Group does is bound to come their way. Always. The Quest…. Biography of Dr DS Kulkarni CMD

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DSK Dream City Pune Solapur Highway Near Manjari Pune T - +91 20 660 47 100 E - infodskdreamcity.com Brochure design by North55 www.north55.com Master Planner Urban Designer and Architect SAMIR S. DAOUD B.Sc.Arch Dip.Urb.Des. AADip.Plan Samir S. Daoud with his team has worked tirelessly on the creation of Dream City in all aspects of its master planning urban design architectural design and landscape design and has distilled the best of his international experience and extensive track record together with his planning and design philosophy to cultivate his vision for this pioneering project. Developments of this magnitude and diversity require the contribution and services of a high powered multi-disciplinary team in various facets of engineering technology science and management to meet the challenges inherent in the design and delivery of such an ambitious and iconic Township intended for the settlement of some 50000 people. Accordingly the following local national and international support consultancy team was selected to provide their invaluable contribution towards the design of Dream City: • JW Consultants Pune Structural Consultants • Mr. Birju Patel Mumbai MEP Consulting Engineers • Halcrow Delhi Roads and Traffc Engineering Consultants • Architect Vikas Nilima Bhosekar Pune Support Landscape Architects • Mr. Kapil Dev Lighting Consultancy Disclaimer • All dimensions of units are from unfnished to unfnished wall. • Areas of structural projections e.g. RCC columns walls ledge walls skirting shower partition walls kitchen partition wall etc and structural cladding are included in the carpet areas. • Information and images of furniture fxtures home appliances articles vehicles shown here-in are only indicative and do not form part of the actual units. • For Calculation purposes dimensions in ‘meter’ shall be the valid dimensions and dimensions in ‘feet’ are only for clients’ convenience. • Conversion factor: 1mtr 3.28 ft 1sq mtr 10.764 sq ft. • Sketch of units is conceptual and not to scale. All plans are subject to accommodate changes required as per the sanctioning authorities. • Amenities such as club houses gym etc. and specifcations may be provided at the discretion of the Developer. Nature and location of any of the amenities and facilities common areas grounds aquatic/ marine areas water bodies open spaces roads/bridges/driveways and gardens etc in the layout may be added omitted shifted or revised at the sole discretion of the Developer as per requirement of the proposed development. • Sketch of units is only indicative of features and this is merely an invitation to offer. • Units will be sold on the basis of carpet areas only. Room areas are inclusive of balconies. Areas shown as “Total area including common proportionate area” is only for information.

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