Digital Marketing Boon or Bane for Indian Businesses

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Driving revenue growth through better consumer engagement is the goal of every Digital Marketing campaign. contact me-


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Digital Marketing Boon or Bane for Indian Businesses A Research Paper on Presented by… Author – I Mr. Dhiraj Pramod Shirode Research Scholar Author – II Dr. Madhulika A. Sonawane School of Management Studies NMU

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Driving revenue growth through better consumer engagement is the goal of every Digital Marketing campaign. - Infosys • Using Internet e-mail television smart phones social networks. • Rapid evolution of digital media created new opportunities for advertising. • Consumer targeting is combined with audience intelligence directed delivery and configuration technology. Introduction

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History 1990s 1994s 1995s 2013s Newsletter circulated via e-mail. Interactive pop-up’s links to website from another one Spending for internet marketing totaled nearly nil. Increased to over 300 million. It became most common term for business.

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Current Development Segmentation Influencer marketing Online behavioral advertising Collaborative environment

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Types of Digital Marketing SEO SMM Email Mktg PPC Viral Mktg Text Message Affiliate Mktg

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Objectives of Study To study the awareness of digital marketing in business sectors To study the impact of DM in business sector To analyze – Is digital marketing boon or bane To compare traditional and digital marketing campaigns.

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Aims of Implementation Sales Serve Save Sizzle

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Drivers of Digital Marketing Increase your visibility. Promotion on social tools directories. Brand product recognition Engage with your target market Improve your page ranking Generate backlinks write quality content.

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Drivers of Digital Marketing Get you better exposure Promote you where your customers visit Grow your annual revenues Get quality leads walking towards you

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Barriers of Digital Marketing It can be copied Drowned by too much online ads Huge Competition Negative feedback can dent reputation Dependant upon technology

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Data Analysis 46 38 16 Awareness Yes No Partial Around 58 Around 62 business people aware about digital marketing trends.

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Data Analysis 50 34 10 5 DM Elements SEO SMM Others Email Around 58 Around 84 business people prefer to adopt free DM campaigns such as SEO SMM and Emails.

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Data Analysis 68 26 6 What is DM for Business Boon Bane Nothing Around 58 As per the 68 people’s point of view Digital Marketing is boon for their business.

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Live Example Bagad Builders Nasik 7 20 18 41 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 Initial TM DM Start Current Sales Sales

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Suggestion As Smart phone social media and internet usage is rapidly growing so it directly make positive impact in business growth India is becoming 2nd largest country where internet and smart phone user’s ratio is very high DM trend is also rapidly growing so start adopting it for business growth

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Conclusion As compared to TM DM is getting higher result in short time 62 business people aware about the importance of DM for business As an e-entrepreneurship FDI is going to take place in India DM is helping hand for economical growth DM has proven that it made positive impact on business growth With the whole study research and survey I can say that DM is surely Boon for Indian businesses

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