how do you remove scratches from marble floors


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Are you looking for high quality marble tile polishing that can render your surfaces looking as good as new? D’Sapone offers patented procedures and exquisitely designed products to polish marble tile. Our services remove the dullness and make your surfaces gleam.


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How do you Remove Scratches from Marble Floors Scratches on marble floor develop easily as the natural stone is very delicate. You might be investing a lot of time and money on its cleanliness and maintenance but scratches once formed on the surface require professional help. Scratches make your surfaces look old and worn out. They also collect dirt and stains easily thereby looking even more dirty. These scratches can be removed only by ​marble tile polishing ​. Experts use patented procedures and exquisitely crafted products to fill in the scratches and make them invisible thereby restoring your surfaces just like new. Why Scratches Develop on Marble Stone What are the Consequences of Scratches on the Surface Marble is a porous natural stone. It tends to absorb moisture liquids and other food spills leading to mold breeding and staining. If not sealed properly the stone loses its lustre and sheen in a few months. Ugly scratches easily develop on the floorings when any sharp objects collide or with the impact of heavy furniture. Marble countertops also get scratched easily due to chopping and cutting of vegetables and fruits. Scratches not only give a worn out look but also contribute to dullness as the moisture and dirt settle more easily in the crevices of the scratch making it look yellow and leading to mold formation.

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To get the perfect sheen and lustre there are a few tips mentioned below for marble surface care: Tips for Preventing Scratches on Marble Surfaces: ● While shifting furniture on the flooring you can arrange for more man-power and have the furniture lifted instead of dragging it. ● Use a chopping board while chopping and cutting vegetables and fruits to prevent scratches on the countertops. ● Refrain from using acidic cleaners which cause etching on the surface. ● Seal your marble countertops and floorings with an efficient sealer which creates a protective coating on the entire surface. ● Do not omit ​marble tile polishing ​ from your marble restoration procedure as it is this last procedure which effectively removes all the scratches. How do you Describe a Perfect Marble Surface Restoration IT is always better to get cleaning and sealing done before polishing. The perfect marble surface restoration has to be done in a step-by-step procedure. The steps are mentioned below: Removing Stains from Marble and Grout A complete ​marble tile cleaning should be done using a heavy duty deep penetrating cleaner which does not cause etching on the surface. This deep soaking cleaner should have the capacity of soaking deep inside the pores and eliminating mold and stains at the root level.

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Sealing Marble Grout After tile and ​grout cleaning ​ the grout should be sealed to prevent further stain formation as it is a porous substance and tends to absorb water and moisture leading to mold development. A proper grout sealing protects the grout from further staining cracking or molding issues. It is necessary to use an epoxy resin adhesive to repair the cracks in your grout. Repairing Cracks and Chips Next you should check for possible cracks and chips and repair them as sealing the surface without filling in the cracks will encourage mold development again. You should use high quality adhesives for repairing cracked marble tile. Waterproofing Marble Stone It is necessary to seal marble after cleaning and grouting it. If you do not use a sealer the countertop will again get scratched or stained. Marble tile sealing should be done with a sealer which passes on a hydrophobic effect and waterproofs the surface while getting deep inside your marble. Such a sealer shuts the pores and leaves the floor with a sheen and lustre.

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Dazzling the Marble Stone After the stone is cleaned and sealed ask your contractor for marble polishing to remove the scratches and make your surface look like new again. Polishing gives a sheen to the stone and this sheen lasts for a lifetime and you will never have to worry about staining issues or etching issues again. Now that you have understood the proper procedure for perfect polishing you can hire a contractor that offers similar service. You can also contact ​D’Sapone Restorations - Brooklyn ​ for remarkable marble tile polishing services. Our experts render your surface sparkling clean and sealed properly to avoid any problems in future. We also offer a 5 year warranty on our services.

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