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The perfect option available with the person is Yoga. It relaxes the mind and soul without any exertion to the body. It works better on the human body than any other form of workout. It is good to attend a yoga class in Dubai once a day for better improvement.


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WHAT ARE THE SIGNIFICANT CHANGES THAT A PERSON EXPERIENCES BY PRACTISING YOGA Researchers and medical professionals have recommended the daily practice of yoga and exercise to keep the body and mind fit and fine. Maintaining the balance between physical and mental health has now become a matter of concern. Nowadays human life is filled with stress anxiety depression mental and physical instability therefore we need to change our routine and pattern by adding a slot of yoga practice in it. Yoga is something that is done to unite the soul from the clutches of emotional trauma and fragile health. It shares a great part of human history and culture. There are a lot of people who have been practicing yoga and meditation for many years on the other hand there are other people who have just started. The main aim of practicing yoga comprises of overall development whether it is mental physical social or spiritual health. There must a lot of questions in the minds of beginners. From where should I begin There are many platforms for beginner yoga performers that will guide them in practicing yoga and meditation. With the support of technology it has now become possible to access yoga video tutorials on YouTube and other social media platforms there are trainers who share knowledge and experience of many years. Although it is not easy for beginners to catch all the yoga poses in one go rather it requires dedication and focus to withstand the challenges that come in the path of yoga and meditation practice. There are various beginner yoga poses such as Tadasana Vrikshasana Trikonasana Kursiasana Naukasana Paschimottanasana Child’ Pose Sukhasana and so that will stimulate the strength of body and mind. Human growth is based on the development of his/her mental and physical development. If a person’s mind and body are not in good condition then there are chances of an emotional breakdown and poor health. Therefore people will start observing the beautiful changes by starting with beginners yoga in Dubai poses that will help them to make yoga practice a habit throughout their life. What are the benefits of practicing yoga  Physical benefits – There is abundance of benefits that one can derive by practicing yoga in their daily lives. There are many health problems that people are dealing with such as obesity acute back pain cardio and respiratory problems improper growth poor muscle strength imbalanced metabolism and whatnot. Therefore it is very important to practice yoga in order to get relief from chronic pain headaches and other life-threatening health disorders.  Mental Benefits – Researchers have now confirmed that today our mental health matters a lot than physical health. We are now trapped by the traumatic depression and emotional stress

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that has affected the efficiency and functionality of the human mind and body. Yoga thus helps in preserving the mental well-being of a person.  Social benefits – There are many days where we feel low and under-confident which then affect our productivity at the workplace. We also feel irritated and disappointed all the time that we start ignoring the social gatherings. Practicing yoga will then create a positive environment in all life where your happiness will be locked forever. “Practice yoga to enlighten your body mind and soul.” Source: http://www.apsense.com/article/what-are-the-significant-changes-that-a-person- experiences-by-practising-yoga.html

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