DryBuddy Bedwetting Alarms For Your Child Bedwetting Accident

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DryBuddy Bedwetting Alarms For Your Child Bedwetting Accident


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DryBuddy - Bedwetting Alarms For Your Child’s Bedwetting Accidents :

DryBuddy - Bedwetting Alarms For Your Child’s Bedwetting Accidents

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Most people who wet their beds, wet it only at night when they are sleeping. Bed wetting is frequently thought of as unintentional urination, which is what it literally is. Children are the most common bed wetter as they may not yet have developed control over their urination when they are not conscious. Bed wetting is often not considered to be a significant medical problem, but it can result in poor self esteem and substantial discomfort among peers and even family, especially for children. A care giver should be aware of any medical issues, if they exist, so that appropriate special arrangements can be made.

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For routine bed wetting or bed wetting with adults or elderly persons with special needs, a bed wetting alarm can be instrumental in signaling to the patient and the caregiver that a bed wetting incident has occurred and that appropriate actions should be taken with respect to hygiene and further prevention. A caregiver (parent) who expects the alarm to motivate and “solve” a patient’s (child’s) bedwetting without significant motivation and participation by the caregiver, is often unrealistic. Without adequate motivation, children can behave in an oblivious manner if it so suits them. Parents often complain that an alarm does not wake up a child. This is a lame excuse, as it is the parent’s responsibility to make the child get up when the alarm sounds.

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One very important issue for all caregivers, including parents, to firmly keep in mind is that a bed wetting alarm is simply that – a device which will indicate when a patient urinates. Properly working alarms can only sense urination if the wetness gets to the alarm’s sensor. So the proper positioning of the sensor, as well as its convenience for use and cleaning and the overall quality of the alarm system, its convenience for the user and caregiver, and its cost, including recurring costs such as tapes, pads, etc., are all very important.

DryBuddy Provides You 2 Types Of Bedwetting Alarms :

DryBuddy Provides You 2 Types Of Bedwetting Alarms

DryBuddy FLEX :

DryBuddy FLEX The premier innovative and patented true wireless bedwetting alarm system . Patented wireless magnetic Sensor for use with regular cotton briefs or optional special wetness sensing briefs with redundant wiring, Remote control for convenience, powerful Transceivers to receive and re-transmit wireless signals to other optional transceivers throughout the home, Multiple Alarms for alerts. Uses standard 120 volts AC for transceivers.

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Comfort Stop bed wetting with ease, comfort and convenience. Sleep in your room, wake up only when your child or patient has a bed wetting accident. Multiple transceivers and alarms can be located all over your house . Flexibility Use the DryBuddyFLEX with the DryBuddy wetness sensing briefs or patented magnetic sensor. This truly flexible alarm is very suitable for your kids or patients during their bedwetting accidents, and for the caregiver or parents’ very convenient monitoring and control.

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Innovation Use DryBuddyFLEX with built-in audio alarm and optional alarms that you can plug into the transceiver. Multiple transceivers can be placed throughout the house. DryBuddyFLEX allows the easiest and most convenient control with its wireless remote . Convenience It’s an easy-to-use wireless sensor that allows the child to freely move around the house. Have multiple alarms and signal receiving location where you want them.

DryBuddy EZ :

DryBuddy EZ A full-featured highly affordable bedwetting alarm. Patented flexible attachments with clip or safety-pin, hold-tight sensor, and many more features. An Affordable Innovation for only $29.99

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Comfort DryBuddyEZ is designed with your child’s comfort in mind. Attach this sensor to your child’s briefs, and the alarm box anywhere on the night-shirt or pajamas. The fully adjustable sound and vibrations will wake your child promptly Convenience The alarm’s clip is grips the clothing firmly so that it doesn’t move. The safety pin(s) can be attached to any part of the clothing so that it’s convenient. The unique attachment is patented. The sensor is designed in such a way that it does not come loose from the patient’s briefs while the patient is asleep.

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Innovation The DryBuddyEZ has a unique design and excellent mechanism so that it firmly gets attached to your child’s shirt. The stainless steel clip holds on to the briefs much more tightly . Efficiency DryBuddyEZ is very cost effective. It is EZ on ytour mind, and EZ on your wallet. No hassle or cost of supplies or modifying clothing, pads, tapes etc

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Bedwetting is a controllable symptom. It is often a developmental issue. Use a DryBuddy Bedwetting alarm to help your child or patient overcome such problems . Expect and Get Affordable Innovation from DryBuddy , the most Innovative designer and manufacturer of Bed Wetting and Enuresis Alarms . Visit us at www.DryBuddy.com

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