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The Drummond Energy Bands is powerful trading software based on unique, energy based technical analysis parameter - Visual Energy Analysis. For more info watch this presentation and visit our site or call us @ 289-427-5281


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Welcome to Drummond Energy Bands

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About Drummond Energy Bands Welcome to Drummond Energy Bands, we are so glad you are here and wish you the best in your trading endeavors. Professional and unique online trading academy is an education company that provides professional education for traders who want to succeed in any market, and any asset class. We teach a wide variety of courses in trading options, foreign currency, stocks, and swing trading.

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Universe Course

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Drummond Energy Bands Software Create one’s own reality, yet contain the basic premise. Drummond Energy Band’s contain price, since price is energy and so are the bands, all one entity – energy. And it’s pretty to look at” says Charlie. Visual Energy Analysis (VEA) software called Drummond Energy Bands can be used on Futures, Stocks, ETF’s, Forex & Options.

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Charles Drummond Charles Drummond has been trading a variety of markets since the 1960’s and has experienced substantial success. Charlie, as known by many, has kept his student’s needs at the forefront of his mind by generously sharing his market developments. He has realized that not everyone may need or even be capable of analyzing and maintaining a trade plan over multiple chart frames; though this is how he began to trade when he was telephone booth trading in the 60’s.

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Contact Address Drummond Energy Bands Suite 207, 1425 Marine Drive West Vancouver, V7T1B9 British Columbia, Canada Phone: 289-427-5281 Email: Website:

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