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This book contains some dynamic material for a teenager to overcome sexual abuse in a faith based manner. Packed with great counseling and case management tools valued at over sever hundred dollars this book is a value at $54.99.


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Why Me? Why Now? By Dr. Tina Medina :

Why Me? Why Now? By Dr. Tina Medina Overview and Benefits

Learning about this book and how it can help a teenager . . .:

Learning about this book and how it can help a teenager . . . This book is special because it addresses a delicate and often difficult issue in an understandable and friendly manner with a faith-based solution . This book identifies with teenagers by meeting them where they are at in their current lives. You will learn more about me and why I wrote this special book for your child age 13 - 20. You will discover the purpose, value, and benefits of the Why Me ? Why Now? book.

Background and Credibility - Who am I?:

Background and Credibility - Who am I ? Dr. Tina Medina is a compassionate Christian Psychologist that understands sexual abuse Graduate of UMKC – Communication Studies and Political Science Graduate of Baker University – Business Management and Liberal Arts Graduate of Word Bible College – Christian Psychology Former Counselor and Case Manager Ordained Minister Spoken Word Ministries I am a sexual abuse survivor who is dedicated to helping young children, teenagers, and adults

Why did I write this book?:

Why did I write this book? In 2010, a parent reached out to me to ask if I had written anything that could help a child heal from sexual abuse. I had not, but I had the experience and the ability to create something I knew was badly needed. My writing style is understandable, easy to read, loving, and compassionate I was abused as a pre-teen, so I knew how difficult it was to heal from it I created this book to explain a bad situation in a way that could be easily understood from the teenage perspective I used Jesus and the Bible to instill hope in readers that healing is possible Loving words are powerful, uplifting, and transforming Nurturing words can instill hope I wrote this book to help teenage victims process and tell their story; and empower them to embrace help and seek restoration and healing from sexual abuse

What is the purpose of this book?:

What is the purpose of this book? The purpose of this book is to assist teens in dealing with the complex issue of sexual abuse and seek restoration from a spiritual perspective. As a teenager, you may not know what to say to release yourself from the affects of sexual abuse. That is okay. Take a deep breath because by the grace of God, He gave me the words to help you. Why Me ? Why Now? gives teens an honest explanation of sexual abuse in understandable terms. This book will introduce teens to the Trinity Team, prayer, and the key to healing and spiritual restoration.

How will you regain trust and heal?:

How will you regain trust and heal? As a teenager survivor of sexual abuse, you may have a spiritual void that needs to be filled. If you feel as though you are spiritually empty, this book may contain the answers you have been seeking. Why Me ? Why Now? uses the Seven Transformation Factors of the Overcoming Sexual Abuse Healing Method to help teenage victims rebuild the trust that was lost due to the sexual abuse. Trust is at the Center of Everything we do! Courage Strength Resilience Trust – The belief that God is good and will heal! Empowerment Love Bible

What are the elements of the book?:

What are the elements of the book? What are the methods and learning elements the book uses to engage and help teen readers: Introduction to the Bible and making it a resource Learning to pray and knowing the value of prayer Writing Expression Opportunities The Scriptural Emotional Scale for the Overcoming Sexual Abuse Healing Method Empowerment Words and Writing Therapy The Knowledge and Truth that God can heal. Full color cover and illustrations, 200 pages.

How will this book benefit you?:

How will this book benefit you? You will gain the following: The Overcoming Sexual Abuse Healing Method Life Skills Golden Nuggets of Biblical Knowledge Understanding how to have total restoration in your life How to activate the Transformation Factors of the OSA Healing Method The Lotus Story – Love the Lotus in you The Scriptural Emotional Scale for Overcoming Sexual Abuse An Overview of Your Brain – Emotions and Memories The Healing alphabet Empowering New Vocabulary Life Changing Positive Affirmations Case Management Style Action Plan Life Changing Prayers Emotional Expression Opportunities Seven Heavenly Virtues

What is the next step in the series?:

What is the next step in the series? Sometimes we all need extra help, the next book in this series offers just that special support. The Overcoming Sexual Abuse series is designed to help you throughout the rest of your life. The same message of hope is the continuous theme throughout the four book series. We provide vital supportive information at www.realsexualabusehelp.com. The book is $54.99. Overcoming Sexual Abuse, No More Pain and Shame is the next book in the series . It contains 187 pages that you will love as you heal, grow, and spiritually mature.

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