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Dr. Syed Azhar Rizvi has received numerous certifications in the field of psychiatry and is also part of several medical associations. He is certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, certified in Suboxone/Buprenorphine administration, and possesses a Certificate of New York Infection Control and Child Abuse.


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Dr Syed Azhar Rizvi Committed to Education Dr. Syed Azhar Rizvi always has always been deeply committed to academics. As a high schooler in his native Pakistan, he was ranked among the top ten students for exams in his province. His commitment to education continued as a medical student at the University of Texas at Austin where he became the Chief Resident during his Residency. As a fellow at Northwestern University Hospital in Chicago, Dr. Syed Azhar Rizvi completed his medical schooling, specializing in addiction psychiatry and focusing on long term detox and substance abuse treatment.


Dr Syed Azhar Rizvi Understanding Addiction As a psychiatrist specializing in the addiction medicine, Dr. Syed Azhar Rizvi has helped those dealing with addiction issues for the past thirteen years. As a caring and understanding professional, he has helped countless patients navigate substance abuse issues through both individual and group therapy. Addiction is a chronic disease that can develop in anyone. Addiction is marked by the lack of ability to control how much of a substance is taken in, not being able to regularly abstain and the lessened recognition of how that behavior affects interpersonal relationships. The goal of addiction treatment is to help addicts to cease impulsive drug use and the destructive behavior that surrounds it.


Dr Syed Azhar Rizvi Treating Chronic Pain Dr. Syed Azhar Rizvi has been treating patients with chronic pain throughout his thirteen years as a psychiatrist. As an authority on chronic pain management, he has helped countless patients deal with the struggles associated with experiencing debilitating pain. With his extensive knowledge of pain management practices and his penchant for developing a strong patient physician rapport, Dr. Syed Azhar Rizvi is able to help guide patients with a multi-disciplinary approach.


Dr Syed Azhar Rizvi Benefits of Virtual Healthcare Virtual Healthcare, or the delivery of health related services via web based programs such as Skype, is quickly gaining popularity as a way to seek medical attention. With a virtual doctors visit, travel time, wait time and the need to take off work or arrange for child care can be eliminated. Not all medical needs occur during business hours. Having access to a doctor during non-business hours gives patients greater access to medical care and advice. A mother with a newborn, a patient that has PTSD, or even someone with a suspected contagious ailment such as the flu may not be well suited to leave their house for a medical appointment.


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