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Dr Swati Sinkar is a leading eye specialist in Adelaide who treats all forms of eyelid malposition, including drooping eyelids and eyelid retraction.


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Eyelid Malposition:

Eyelid Malposition

How to Treat It:

How to Treat It An abnormal positioning of the eyelid is generally known as eyelid malposition . The condition means the eyelid can droop, turn inwards or outwards, impacting on physical appearance. Furthermore, eyelid malposition can affect the health of your eyes and quality of your eyesight . There are no preventative steps that can be taken to stop the onset of eyelid malposition . However, it can be diagnosed and treated early in order to prevent further deterioration. You should contact an eye specialist in Adelaide if either of your eyelids is affected.

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What are the symptoms of eyelid malposition ? Eyelid malposition can manifest in different ways, each with its own symptoms and impact.

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Drooping eyelids With this form of eyelid malposition , the upper eyelid droops down, resulting in reduced vision. There are generally two causes for this. It may be age related, where muscles that lift the upper eyelid become stretched ( Ptosis ). Alternatively, excess skin can hang down from the upper eyelid, causing heaviness and droopiness ( Dermatochalasis ).

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What treatment is available for eyelid malposition ? If you suffer from eyelid malposition , you should consult an eye specialist in Adelaide . It is likely that they will recommend surgery in order to correct the condition. The procedure will in most cases be performed as day surgery under local anaesthetic .

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