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Metal containers :

Metal containers 1 Presented by:- Mayur P. Lahane M. Pharm 1 st yr. (Pharmaceutics)

packaging ::

packaging : It is the science art and technology of enclosing or protecting products manufactured. It prepares the goods for transport, warehousing, logistics, sale and use. 2 INTRODUCTION

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3 Pharmaceutical packaging is design to provide protection against Climate, Biological , Physical, and Chemical hazards that the product may be exposed to during the product shelf life. Packaging is defined as the collection of different components which surround the pharmaceutical product from the time of production until its use.

Objectives of packaging ::

Objectives of packaging : Physical protection. Barrier protection. Security. Convenience. 4

Types of packaging ::

Types of packaging : 5

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6 PRIMARY PACKAGING:- It is the material that directly hold the product. That may be can, bottle, jar, tube, carton, drum etc. It is package which is in direct contact with the content. SECONDARY PACKAGING:- It is outside the primary package. Any outer wrapping that help to store, transport, inform, & protect the product are secondary package . TERTIARY PACKAGING:- It is used for bulk, bulk handling warehouse storage & transport.

Metals ::

Metals : Metals used include tin plated steel, mild steel, stainless steel, tin free steel, and aluminum. It is strong; opaque; impermeable to moisture, gases, odors, light, bacteria etc. Also resistant to high and low temperatures. 7

Metals ::

Metals : Tin : Most chemically inert. Has good appearance and high compatibility. Tinplate : It is steel structure with thin layer of steel deposited on either or both sides and protects steel from corrosion. 8

Metals : :

Metals : Aluminum : Light in weight and thus can be easily shaped. The thick sheets of it are used for aerosol cans and containers. While its thin sheets, are used for closure of bottles, or thermoforms. 9

Metals ::

Metals : Also aluminum blisters are used to push tablets through it. Also tubes are manufactured from it. Aluminum tubes are either : lacquered. : wax coated. : latex lined. They are mainly used to fill medicated ointments, creams and gels. 10

Lacquer coating and lining ::

Lacquer coating and lining : Lining provides the product to be filled protection against the exposed surface of metal. The interior is coated or lined with wax, resins or epoxy is sprayed on it. An epoxy sprayed container costs 25% more. Wax linings are used in water based products. 11

Tamper resistant packaging::

Tamper resistant packaging: Blister packaging. Strip packaging. Sealed tubes. Aerosol containers. 12

Blister packaging ::

Blister packaging : Is mainly used for unit dose packaging like tablets, capsules, and lozenges. It has two major components : A formed web base in which product fits. The lidding foil. Base is formed either by THERMOFORMING and COLD FORMING . 13

Blister packaging ::

Blister packaging : Thermoforming : The process involves reeling out of a thin plastic sheet. It is passed through a preheating station. The plastic becomes soft and can be molded. Unit feed is inserted. And the plastic sheet is then backed by a lining of thin aluminum sheet through which tablet can be pushed out. 14

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V. B. C. P. 15

Blister packaging ::

Blister packaging : Cold forming : Aluminum laminate is pressed in mold by a stamp. Aluminum maintains the shape. Advantage is that it provides complete preservation against water and oxygen. Disadvantage is the longer time required. 16

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V. B. C. P. 17

Strip packaging ::

Strip packaging : Herein two web bases are passed through the roller to a heated crimping machine. The feed is placed into the pocket before the final seal. Continuous stream of strips is formed which can be cut to desired length. A Paper – Polyethylene – Foil – Polyethylene combination is preferred. 18

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V. B. C. P. 19

Aerosol containers ::

Aerosol containers : Aerosol is pressurized dosage form. In which therapeutically active drug is dissolved or dispersed or suspended in compressed or liquefied gas. Expels the content from the container in the form of spray. Aerosols are used for either topical , oral or nasal administration. 20

Components of container ::

Components of container : They must be stand at pressure as high as 140 to 180 psig A. Metals 1. Tinplated steel Side-seam (three pieces). Two-piece or drawn. Tin free steel. 21

Components of container ::

Components of container : 2. Aluminium (a) Two-piece (b) One-piece (extruded or drawn) 3. Stainless steel containers. Glass 1. Uncoated glass 2. Plastic coated glass 22

Types of containers ::

Types of containers : Tin plated containers:- consists of sheet of steel plate that has been electroplated on both sides with tin Aluminum containers:- greater resistance to corrosion. Light weight, not fragile. Good for light sensitive drugs. 23

Types of containers ::

Types of containers : Stainless steel container : Limited for smaller size. Extremely strong and resistant to most materials and bears high pressure. Glass containers : Available with plastic or without plastic coating, Compatible with many additives, No corrosion problems, Can have various shape because of molding Fragile and not used for light sensitive drugs. 24

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Actuator Ferrule or mount cap Valve body or housing Stem Gasket Spring Dip tube 25

Evaluation parameters ::

Evaluation parameters : Leakage test. Hydrolytic resistance. Collapsibility. Residue on ignition. Buffering capacity. Light transmission. Water vapor permeation. Heavy metals. Nonvolatile residue. 26

References ::

References : Remington, “The Science and Practice of Pharmacy” 21 st edition, Vol-1,1065- 1077. Indian Pharmacopoeia, 2007, Vol-1, 599-625. Lachman, Liberman, “Theory and Practice of Industrial Pharmacy”, 4 th edition, 711- 722. 27

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