Groin pain due to irritation of Ilio-inguinal Nerve

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Groin pain due to irritation of Ilio-inguinal Nerve:

Groin pain due to irritation of Ilio-inguinal Nerve Due To Altered Posture caused by Wearing A Parallel Pant - Dr.A.RangaPrasad Bhat, Marma Chikitsak , Chennai

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Note the areas of contact of the parallel pant in close contact with the following structures.. Iliac spine Lower abdominal wall Crotch area Flanks of the abdomen. Pubic symphysis Also note the contour of the abdomen Parallel pants are usually devoid of fleets. As a result of which, while sitting in a chair or in squatting posture, the person feels tightness in the region of the thighs, crotch,gluteals & lower abdomen with or with out belt. But, feels tightness around the falnsk & over the iliac crest when he wears a belt,too tight, to see to it, that the pant donot slip below the crease of the abdomen. 1 2 3 4 4 5 Wearing A Parallel Pant – It’s Effect Over Human Structures

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Transverse abdominis Origin Points of Transverse abdominis 1 1. Lateral third of the inguinal ligament 2 2. Anterior three-fourths of the inner lip of the iliac crest 3. Inner surfaces of the cartilages of the lower six ribs 3 3 3 3 3 3 And from the Lumbodorsal fascia. Insertion of Transverse abdominis A (A) Xiphoid process B B B (B) Linea alba pubic crest C & pecten pubis via conjoint tendon

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