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Plant Safety : 

Dr. Deryck D. Pattron, Ph.D Public Health Scientist and Consultant Plant Safety


PLANT SAFETY What is a plant? A plant is defined in the OSH Act as any locality containing machinery, equipment or tool, and any component thereof . 2

Definition of Safety : 

Definition of Safety The quality of being safe Freedom from danger or risk of injury A contrivance or device designed to prevent injury 3

What items might be considered to be plant? : 

What items might be considered to be plant? Boilers and other pressure equipment Power presses, packaging machines, shrink-wrap machines and de-palletisers Trains, tractors and earthmoving machinery,electrical generators Cranes, forklifts, hoists and elevated work platforms Vehicles used for work purposes such as cars, trucks, motorcycles and bicycles Industrial robots 4

What items might be considered to be plant? (cont’d) : 

What items might be considered to be plant? (cont’d) Lasers Scaffolds Amusement structures Ships or vessels Hand tools (either powered or non-powered) including drills, hammers, saws Computer equipment Photocopiers Fax machines 5


PLANT MANAGER A plant manager oversees the operating activities and manufacturing processes of the plant. The manager supervises personnel work and ensures adequate and functional safety measures. 6

Health & Safety Management : 

Health & Safety Management Efficient, timely use of resources in the pursuit of organizational goals Involves a balance between cost of eliminating hazards and the cost of eliminating associated risks 7

Components of Health & Safety Management : 

Components of Health & Safety Management Leadership Coordination Authority Planning Organization Control Communication Selection of subordinates Training Accountability Responsibility 8

Management Resources : 

Management Resources 9

Management Decision Making Process : 

Management Decision Making Process 10

Management Performance : 

Management Performance 11

Indicators of Effective Health & Safety Management : 

Indicators of Effective Health & Safety Management Health & Safety Policy SOPs for health and safety monitoring and performance Clear identification of objectives that are: Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic Time specific SOPs for identification of hazards, through risk assessment Legal compliance 12

Role of Health & Safety Supervisors : 

Role of Health & Safety Supervisors 13

Statements of Health & Safety Policy : 

Statements of Health & Safety Policy Occupational safety and health is an integral part of the company’s philosophy Compliance to legal requirements Publication and display of occupational safety and health objectives Management commitment to implementation and maintenance of policy statement at all levels Periodic review of policy, as well as the management system and audit of compliance Signed health & safety policy statement 14

Key Elements of Successful Health & Safety Management : 

Key Elements of Successful Health & Safety Management 15

Quality Health & Safety Management : 

Quality Health & Safety Management Mimimise risk Improve business performance Establish a responsible image in the workplace Improved staff morale Improved commitment from staff Reduction in staff absenteeism Improved production output Improved customer confidence Reduction in claims Reduction in adverse publicity 16

Plan-Do-Check-Act : 

Plan-Do-Check-Act 17

Risk Assessment Process : 

Risk Assessment Process 18

Monitoring : 

Monitoring Checking Correcting Auditing 19

Monitoring: Checking & Correcting : 

Monitoring: Checking & Correcting The extent to which objectives and targets have been set The extent to which objectives have been met Employees perception of management’s commitment Effective communication of the statement of health and safety policy The extent of compliance with statutory and voluntary codes of practice The time period to implement actions on complaints or recommendations The frequency of inspections, audits and other forms of monitoring 20

Audit Programme Process : 

Audit Programme Process 21

Benchmarking : 

Benchmarking Reference point Indicator of performance Indicator of statutory compliance Indicator of quality assurance A planned process A commitment to Health and Safety in the workplace A strong desire to embrace technology and change A pre-requisite to keeping up-to-date Relevant 22

Benchmarking Process : 

Benchmarking Process 23

Establishing Emergency Procedures : 

Establishing Emergency Procedures Defining the danger area Any area with an unacceptable level of risk Identifying the risks Inspections Management discussions Employees or workers discussions Safety audits Job safety analysis Review of past accidents 24

Establishing Emergency Procedures (cont’d) : 

Establishing Emergency Procedures (cont’d) Communicating with external agencies Selection of an appropriately qualified person to act as an emergency controller Establishment of an emergency control center Essential personnel to signal relevant authorities Development of evacuation procedures Food and shelter adequacy Training and re-training exercises 25

References : 

References British Standards Institute. 1996. Guide to Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems: BC 8800, BSI, Milton Keynes. Health and Safety Executive 1999. An Introduction to Health and Safety. HSE Books, Sudbury Occupational Safety and Health Act 2004. Laws of Trinidad and Tobago. Government Printery, Port of Spain. 26

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