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This presentation deals with the who, what ,where, when, why and how of poster presentation.


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Poster Presentation: An Effective Educational Tool for Critical Reflection : 

Poster Presentation: An Effective Educational Tool for Critical Reflection By Dr Deryck D. Pattron, Ph.D. Public Health & Safety Consultant All Rights Reserved © 2008 Dr Deryck D. Pattron

Rationale : 

Rationale Used to communicate research findings Effective way to share results with others Invaluable and rewarding critical reflective step in preparing data for publication in a peer reviewed journal Provides and solicits feedback from viewers

Types of Poster Presentations : 

Types of Poster Presentations Original study Evaluation or Analytical study Case study or series

Original study : 

Original study Descriptive studies Observational studies Retrospective studies Experiments

Evaluation study : 

Evaluation study Systematic measurement of some dependable parameter according to a pre-established criteria

Case study : 

Case study Investigation resulting from a series of observations on a particular event

Anatomy of a research poster : 

Anatomy of a research poster Banner = article title, author (s) and institution Abstract = summary of article Introduction = why was the study done? Methods = how was the study done? Results = what was found? Discussion = explanation and placement of findings in context with other supportive findings Conclusions = significance of findings and their limitations

Schematic outline of a poster : 

Schematic outline of a poster

Methods of presenting information on a poster : 

Methods of presenting information on a poster Pictures Tables Figures Photographs Diagrams

Methodology : 

Methodology What and how the study was done? Sample size Selection of samples Data analysis used Interventions or exposures procedures (blinded or non-blinded) What outcomes were measured What equipment or device was used Model name/number Manufacturer name Place and date of manufacture

Results : 

Results What did you find Data should be appropriately presented in tables and/or figures with statistical analysis Figures and tables should have legends

Discussion : 

Discussion The implications of the study, supportive evidence, contradictory findings and limitations of the study

Conclusions : 

Conclusions The hypothesis and/or research question should be consistent with the study results

References : 

References Block SM. Do’s and don'ts of poster presentation. Biophys J 1996; 71(6):3527-3529 Harikrishnan KM, Kumara S. Poster presentation: an effective means of scientific communication. J Assoc Physicians India 1995;43(8) 546-547 Chabeli MM. A poster presentation as an evaluation method to facilitate reflective thinking skills in nursing education. Curationis 2002;25(3) 10-18

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