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PACS Workstation Training for Radiologic Technologists:

PACS Workstation Training for Radiologic Technologists •Windows of PACS •Getting Images to PACS •Sending Exams •Exam Properties •Exam Administration •Document Scanning •Burning Images onto a CD ( PCH PACS Procedure Manual)

Windows of PACS:

Windows of PACS • Information Window - Provides an overview of the current worklist - Opens upon Technologist login - Used to select patient and exam - Broken into several parts • Matrix Window - Used to set up viewing and digitizing of images • Images Window - Used for viewing, organizing, and manipulating images (PCH PACS Procedure Manual)

Getting Images to PACS:

Getting Images to PACS • Digital images will be either auto-sent or manually sent to PACS from all modalities • Film images will be digitized into PACS via the matrix window Sending Exams • Send images for review at an outside facility thru the information window • Check to make sure the images sent to the correct location (PCH PACS Procedure Manual)

Exam Properties:

Exam Properties • What needs fixed? - Correcting the date of an old exam - Adding comments to an exam - Changing or adding the modality • How to fix these problems? - Right click on the exam that needs corrected - Click on properties and change necessary information (PCH PACS Procedure Manual)

References :

References Pana Community Hospital PACS Procedure Manual (2012). S:\DiagnosticImagingPolicies&Procedures \Diagnostic ImagingPolicy&ProcedureManual \PACS\PACSP&P. Pana Community Hospital, Pana , IL. Sectra PACS Workstation Manual (2009). mk : @ MSITStore:C :\Program%20Files%20(x86)\Sectra\IDS5\www\ american \ users_guide

Exam Administration:

Exam Administration • Contact a PAC System administrator if: - Patient Name needs corrected - Patient ID needs corrected - Patient date of birth needs corrected - Any other questions or concerns (Sectra PACS, 2009)

Document Scanning:

Document Scanning • Documents are scanned via the Information window by clicking Tools › Select Scanner › Select › Scan Document • The newly scanned document will then be on the PACS screen Burning Images Onto a CD • Find the exam in the information window. Click send to › Export to CD › Export › OK. • CD will now print (PCH PACS Procedure Manual)

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