Points To Consider While Buying Second Hand Drones

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Are you thinking to buy a used drone? Good option, definitely go for it. But you have to look for a few things. Here are some things you should consider before spending your hard earned money on a used piece of technology.


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Going To Buy a Used Drone Consider These Points

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The popularity of drones has raised in recent years. Many people are flying drones as a hobby. Also there is a significant increase in the number of CAA approved drone pilots. Prices have fallen as drones have advanced and become more widely available but the costs are still out of the reach of many people. Buying second hand drones can be the answer. There are some pitfalls to look out for when buying second hand drones and the following tips will help you to avoid them.

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The first step is to check the outer condition of the drone. If a drone has scratches and damage to the paintwork it indicates that it has been used roughly and heavily. It may also mean its been in some collisions and rough landings. General Condition

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Look for small cracks and dents and make sure the props turn smoothly when you turn them by hand. If they are loose or dont turn evenly its a warning sign. Check Propellers

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Look for physical damage or tarnishing around the contacts where the battery connects to the drone. Ideally you want to see the battery charge fully when buying second hand drones. Check Battery

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This test is most important when buying second-hand drones. The motors should run smoothly and rev when the thrust is applied. Dont go for buy if a seller resists demonstrating the drone in flight. It is worth looking elsewhere. Ask to see Drone Fly

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If the owner is a CAA approved drone operator it may have been used on a daily basis commercially. A commercial drone pilot will have maintained and looked after the aircraft. But the life of the drone may be lesser due to high usage. Ask How Drone has been Used

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