Ojas Eye Hospital is the best Keratoconus Hospital in India

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Looking for Keratoconus treatment in India or Keratoconus Surgery In Mumbai? At Ojas We Offer A Range Of Keratoconus Treatments For Keratoconus Sufferers, Including Collagen Cross Linking, Corneal Implants and Kerasoft Lenses. Book Your Consultation with Keratoconus specialist in India for Keratoconus Surgery.


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Ojas Eye Hospital is the best Keratoconus Hospital in India:

Ojas Eye Hospital is the best Keratoconus Hospital in India Keratoconus  is a progressive disease of the outer transparent layer of the eyeball (cornea) affecting young adults mostly in their twenties. It is characterized by progressive thinning of the normally round cornea causing it to bulge forward & assume a cone like shape. This irregularity in the cornea results in the formation of a distorted image of objects on the retina & gives rise to blurred vision.

Symptoms & signs of Keratoconus :

Symptoms & signs of Keratoconus Keratoconus causes  myopia or nearsightedness & astigmatism. Frequent change in  glasses prescription with fluctuation in vision. Glare & sensitivity  to light especially during  night. In advanced stage of Keratoconus   corrective prescription  glasses do not help patient to see clearly & they have to switch to using  hard or semi-soft contact lenses. Keratoconus can be diagnosed at an early stage with detailed eye examination which includes  Retinoscopy , Slit lamp  examination & sophisticated tests like  Topography  to check the shape & curvature of cornea &  Pachymetry  to determine the thickness of the cornea.

Causes of Keratoconus Treatment in India :

Causes of Keratoconus Treatment in India Exact causes of  Keratoconus  is not known but latest research suggests that the cornea becomes weakened due to an  imbalance of enzymes within the corneal tissue. Young patients  produce high levels of  free radicals  which cause  oxidative damage  to the cornea in  absence of protective  enzymes causing  thinning & bulging  of the cornea. Keratoconus  also shows some genetic predisposition. It may transmit from parent to children & affect more than one family member. It is also associated with excessive rubbing as it is more common in  allergic conjunctivitis  patients who have itching & tend to rub their eyes more frequently. Other risk factors are  overexposure to ultra violet rays, chronic eye irritation & improperly fitting contact lenses.

Treatment Options of Keratoconus Surgery in Mumbai:

Treatment Options of Keratoconus Surgery in Mumbai In early stages, when the cornea is still regular, corrective prescription glasses or soft contact lenses can help the patient. As  keratoconus  advances, the corneal surface becomes increasingly irregular & these options do not help adequately. In intermediate & advanced stage, various other treatment options & different types of contact lenses are available. Rigid Gas permeable contact lenses :  provide a smooth refractive surface replacing the irregular cone like surface of the cornea, thus enabling the patient to see clearly. Lens fitting in  Keratoconus  can be demanding & time consuming process. RGP lenses are not as comfortable as soft contact lenses . Piggybacking Contact Lenses :  a soft contact lens is first placed on cornea to give it a cushion like effect & RGP lens is fitted over it. Best features of both lenses are combined – makes the wearer comfortable & at the same time gives crisp & clear vision. The fitting should be perfect to ensure good oxygen permeability to the cornea as the patient will be wearing two lenses. However, with newer high oxygen permeable lenses this is not a problem. Hybrid Contact lenses :  uniquely designed wherein the central visual portion is made up of high oxygen permeable rigid material & peripheral anchoring portion is of soft hydrogel material. Maximizes the best features of both lenses & improves wearers comfort as well as visual performance in keratoconic eyes.

Keratoconus Treatment in Mumbai :

Keratoconus Treatment in Mumbai  For More Detail Visit https://www.ojaseyehospital.com or https://www.keratoconusindia.in/

Dr. Niteen Dedhia is the best Keratoconus specialist in India:

Dr. Niteen Dedhia is the best Keratoconus specialist in India Dr. Niteen Dedhia is the best Keratconus Surgeon in Mumbai . He is the Founder of the Ojas Eye Hospital in Mumbai .

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