csf collection transport and processing

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csf processing in microbiology


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Csf collection transport and processing : 

Dr naseel salim Csf collection transport and processing

General consideration : 

General consideration Anatomy Coverings and spaces Outer skull Inner meninges dura matter Arachanoid matter piamatter

Slide 6: 

spaces epidural subdural sub arachanoid

Slide 7: 

routes of infection heamatogenous spread direct spread otitis media anatomic defect trauma direct intraneural rabies and h z

Slide 8: 

diseases meningitis purulent meningitis aseptic meningitis encephalitis viral parasitic brain abscess

Slide 9: 

meningitis subarachanoid space\ leptomeninges purulent meningitis acute inflammatory exudate with large number of polymorphonuclear cells (PMNs)

Slide 10: 

Pathogenesis defect in barriers blood brain barrier the choroid plexus arachnoid membrane micro vascular endothelium

Bacterial causes of meningitis : 

Bacterial causes of meningitis

Slide 12: 

Presence of antibody Some bacteria has ig A protease and antiphagocytic capsule alcoholism splenectomy diabetes mellitus prosthetic devices and immuno suppression cns shunts

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clinical manifestations fever headache and nausea neck stiffness meningisms kerning sign and budzinskyes sign

laboratory diagnosis of central nervous system infections : 

laboratory diagnosis of central nervous system infections specimen collection lumbar puncture L 2 L3 L4 collected in 3 bottles cell count microbiology biochemical 5 -10 ml needed (3- 5 ml) never refrigerated may incubate at 35 c or in room temp viral studies refrigerated or frozen -70 c

Slide 16: 

initial processing centrifugation 15mnts at 1500g mix the sediment after removing the supernatetent supernatant antigen study – chemistry evaluation (protein glucose lactate c reactive protein )

csf findings : 

csf findings visual detection of etiological agents stained smear of sediment use alcohol dipped flamed slides or autoclaved sediment donot spread out cytospin centrifuge to prepare slides concentrates to a 1000 fold afb staining if suspected tb

Slide 19: 

wet film amoebas Indian ink stain Cryptococcus neoformans Rapid antigen detection Soluble capsular antigen group b streptococcal polysaccharide h influenza cryptococus neoformans meningococci A B C

Culture : 

Culture blood agar strep pneumoniae chocolate agar h influenza ,n meningitidis cooked meat broath thioglycolate broath fungal culture sda anaerobic cultures

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