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Consequences: Social isolation

Lack of Physical Activity and Unhealthy Food Choices = :

OBESITY Lack of Physical Activity and Unhealthy Food Choices =

What is obesity ?:

What is obesity ? An increase in bodyweight because of excess body fat .


It is a measure for human body shape based on an individual's mass and height.   BMI

Weight status ::

Weight status :


TYPES OF OBESITY The apple shape: also called “android”, “abdominal” or “central” obesity people with high waist-to-hip ratios are "apples", their body fat is distributed mainly on the upper trunk, the chest and abdomen giving the typical ‘apple shape’ individuals are mostly male A waist-to-hip ratio >1.0 for men and >0.8 for women indicates an increased risk of cardio-vascular disease and diabetes mellitus The pear shape : also called “ g ynaeoid ” or “peripheral” obesity people with lower waist to hip ratios are "pears“ - their body fat is distributed mainly on the lower trunk, the hips and thighs giving the typical ‘pear shape’. individuals are mostly female. associated health risks are minimal if any

nuggets :


Main causes for obesity:

Lack of physical activities. Bad nutrition habits. Genes. Main causes for obesity

main diseases (consequences) :

main diseases (consequences) Arteries disease Cancer Problems in the biliary vesicle Lung diseases Diabetes Alterations in the bones Heart disease Renal disease Obesity

Solutions :

Exercise . Choose a healthy diet . Sleeping for 8 hours minimum . Solutions

How can I be motivated ? :

How can I be motivated ?

No pain no gain ..:

No pain no gain ..

Conclusion :

Obesity is a diseases which affected the whole world but there is always a way out . No pain no gain, So do you have the guts to fight for life ? Conclusion

Did you know? :

Did you know? Obesity is the leading cause of preventable death, next to smoking !

What health problems associated with obesity ? :

What health problems associated with obesity ? Type 2 diabetes Eating disorders Orthopedic disorders Liver problems, including fatty liver Respiratory disorders Sleep apnea Cardiomyopathy – a problem with the heart muscle, caused when extra effort is needed to pump blood.

So what are the causes? :

So what are the causes? Changing Society Food Choices Lack of Physical Activity Family Eating Habits

Some examples include::

Some examples include: Cost of food. More food is prepared away from home. Energy-dense foods / drinks are readily available. Portion sizes have increased. Marketing of energy-dense foods / drinks has increased. The use of cars has increased. The families has increased income number of two-income (

Food Pyramid:

Food Pyramid The foods you eat have been divided into three groups according to how nutritious they are. These make up what is often called the ‘food pyramid’.

Three Food Groups:

Three Food Groups Group 1: You should try to eat lots of: Fruits and vegetables Breads Grains such as rice and pasta

Three Food Groups:

Three Food Groups Group 2: Eat these foods moderately Dairy products such as milk, cheeses and yoghurts Lean meat Chicken (without skin) Fish Nuts

Three Food Groups:

Three Food Groups Group 3: Eat these foods sometimes Sweet biscuits (2 small) Chocolate coated bars (1 bar) Potato chips (30g) Ice-cream (2 scoops) Lollies /chocolate (30g) Cake or muffin (1 medium piece)

What are the benefits of Physical Activity?:

What are the benefits of Physical Activity? Cardiovascular fitness Healthy weight Improved posture Reduced blood cholesterol Better sleep Boosted self-esteem and confidence Improved concentration Reduced stress, depression and anxiety Enhanced social skills.

Monitor your progress:

Monitor your progress Assess your progress at six weeks after you start your program and then again every three to six months. You may need to increase the amount of time you exercise in order to continue improving. If you lose motivation, set new goals or try a new activity. Exercising with a friend or taking a class at a local fitness centre may help.

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